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2024 Tennis Skirt Outfits: 15 Chic Styles to Wear
2024 Tennis Skirt Outfits: 15 Chic Styles to Wear

2024 Tennis Skirt Outfits: 15 Chic Styles to Wear


  1. Preppy Charm: Sweatshirt, Skirt & Sneakers
  2. Retro Allure: Sweater & Skirt Set
  3. Flaunting Some Edge: Tennis Skirt & Bustier
  4. Activewear Abounds: Drawstring Jacket & Skirt
  5. Crisp & Classy: All White Ensemble
  6. High Impact Monochrome: Zipper Jacket & Skirt
  7. Playful Varsity Vibes: Tennis Skirt & Matching Sweater
  8. After Hours Magic: Glam Pleat & Chic Top
  9. Breezy Babe: Long Sleeve Crop Top & Skirt
  10. Laidback Luxe: Cropped Hoodie & Tennis Skirt
  11. All Eyes On You: Luxe Layers & Tennis Skirt
  12. Comfy Yet Cultured: Crewneck & Tennis Skirt
  13. Florals For All Seasons: Blooming Prints & Pleats
  14. Doubly Chic: Drawcord Tops & Matching Skirts
  15. Pastel Perfection: Tennis Skirt & Colorful Layers
  16. Conclusion

When styling a tennis skirt, you want an outfit that allows flexibility and ease of movement. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise style. Tennis skirts pair well with crop tops, oversized sweatshirts, varsity jackets, and corset tops. You can go retro with knee-high socks or modernize the look with chunky sneakers. Whether you're hitting the court or just want to sport the sporty vibe, there are endless options. With creative styling, these iconic minis can take you from the gym to a girls' night out in chic flair. Keep reading for 15 top tips that'll turn your tennis skirt from simple to absolutely stunning.

Preppy Charm: Sweatshirt, Skirt & Sneakers

The preppy style is a classic way to wear tennis skirts. Pair an oversized sweatshirt or polo shirt on top to balance the short skirt on the bottom. A crewneck sweatshirt paired with a pleated tennis skirt oozes preppy style. You can also throw on a polo shirt in a bright color with the collar popped. Finish it with white leather sneakers to really lean into the country club aesthetic. This look says you're sporty and collegiate. It's perfect for the courts during the day or going out at night.

2024 tennis skirt outfit: Sweatshirt, Skirt and Sneakers

Retro Allure: Sweater & Skirt Set

For a retro tennis outfit, go for a pleated skirt with a polo tank tucked in to accentuate your figure. Top it with a cropped cardigan or sweater loosely tied over your shoulders as an ode to decades past. White ankle socks layered over sneakers keep the vintage athletic vibe. You can also do high-tube socks paired with sporty sneakers. A headband or visor hat polishes off the nostalgic sporty style. This fun throwback look will have you channeling iconic tennis stars from the 1970s.

2024 tennis skirt outfit: Sweater & Skirt Set
tennis skirt outfit

Flaunting Some Edge: Tennis Skirt & Bustier

Try mixing it up by pairing your tennis skirt with a bustier or corset top. This combination adds a bit of daring contrast to the sporty skirt, showing off a bit of skin. To give this look an extra kick, throw on a jacket to bring in some attitude. Finish off with bold, chunky platform sneakers to keep the outfit feeling fresh and modern. This edgy twist not only lets you express your bold side but also keeps you comfortable and free-moving, all while adding a playful, feminine flair.

2024 tennis skirt outfit:Tennis Skirt & Bustier

Activewear Abounds: Drawstring Jacket & Skirt

When hitting the court for some action, choose jackets with drawstrings-perfect for adjusting the fit and keeping the sun at bay. Match it with a tennis skirt that comes with a comfortable inner lining. This sporty duo will have you looking effortlessly cool and focused more on your performance than your attire. The beauty of athletic wear lies in its practicality; it supports all your moves without sacrificing the style you love.

2024 tennis skirt outfit:Drawstring Jacket & Skirt

Crisp & Classy: All White Ensemble

You can never go wrong with classic all-white ensembles, especially when it comes to tennis style. A crisp white skort or skirt is the perfect foundation. Pair it with an oversized white polo-style shirt with a collar popped to maintain that country club aesthetic. You'll look polished from head to toe in this monochromatic outfit even when the match heats up. To make getting dressed easier, look for comfortable fabrics that allow breathability. The all-white look is totally timeless and elegant for both on and off-court style.

2024 tennis skirt outfit: All White Ensemble

High Impact Monochrome: Zipper Jacket & Skirt

For a sleek and sophisticated style, embrace the elegance of all-black. Start with a classic black tennis skirt and add a fitted zip-up jacket with detailed stitching on the front and back for an athletic yet chic look. Choose materials like cotton or polyester to enhance the outfit's luxe feel. Whether you opt for black ankle boots or crisp white sneakers, this monochrome ensemble will turn heads with its runway-ready sophistication. It's the kind of outfit that brings a touch of city slickness to any country club.

2024 tennis skirt outfit: Zipper Jacket & Skirt



WISKII Two-Way Orange Zipper Jacket & Stylish Ease Orange Mini Sweat Skirt


Playful Varsity Vibes: Tennis Skirt & Matching Sweater

Capture the fun of varsity fashion on the court with a tennis skirt. Match it with an oversized v-neck vintage college sweater for that authentic athletic look. Add a layer like a polo shirt underneath to smartly tie in your colors. Classic white crew socks and coordinating sneakers set you up for a laid-back, collegiate style that's just as at home at team games as it is showing off school spirit around town.

2024 tennis skirt outfit: Tennis Skirt & Matching Sweater

After Hours Magic: Glam Pleat & Chic Top

When evening comes around, it's time to dress up your tennis skirt with a touch of sparkle and shine. You can try pairing it with an asymmetrical tank. For a softer touch, a one-shoulder bodysuit under a cozy bolero cardigan will do the trick. Elevate your nighttime ensemble with strappy heels or wedge sneakers. Accessorize with standout earrings, oversized sunglasses, and a swipe of bold red lipstick for a statement look. It's all about playing up your features and taking your tennis skirt from sporty to glam with confidence.

2024 tennis skirt outfit: Glam Pleat & Chic Top

Breezy Babe: Long Sleeve Crop Top & Skirt

Beat the heat while staying sporty chic with cropped tops paired with tennis skirts. Choose a form-fitting long sleeve crop top featuring cutout back detail for full mobility. Light fabrics help keep you cool and dry during vigorous on-court sessions. For a more relaxed vibe, oversized cropped hoodies or sweatshirts work well too. The cropped silhouette spotlights the waist of your tennis skirt. It also allows you to freely swing without restriction. Flaunt-toned abs or keep it cute and casual with this double dose of athletic details.

2024 tennis skirt outfit: Long Sleeve Crop Top & Skirt

Laidback Luxe: Cropped Hoodie & Tennis Skirt

When a relaxed outfit is your goal but you still want to rep tennis style, go for casual cool vibes. Build your casual tennis look around an athletic tennis skirt as its sporty foundation. You can contrast it with an oversized hoodie sweater for texture. Style with white platform sneakers and casual crew socks to tie in preppy undertones. You can also do casual by layering an unstructured denim jacket over a coordinating tee. The combo evokes laidback sporty feelings perfect for weekend wear or a lowkey practice session.

All Eyes On You: Luxe Layers & Tennis Skirt

For fancy fitness occasions, augment casual tennis gear by elevating it with tailored pieces. Contrast against an inexpensive but well-fitting yoga top in a complementary color. Next, reach for an unstructured blazer in a light linen or breathable Tencel. Pair with wooden wedge-sole sneakers for extra height. Minimal dainty jewelry pulls attention without interfering with movement. You'll turn heads at the club in this purposefully styled athletic ensemble.

Comfy Yet Cultured: Crewneck & Tennis Skirt

Enjoy the best of both worlds with an outfit that's as comfortable as it is stylish. Take a classic tennis skirt and pair it with your softest gray crew neck sweatshirt. This cozy sweater offers warmth while still giving you all the stretch you need. For a touch more coverage, slip on a sleek tank dress underneath. Round out this effortless look with crisp white leather sneakers that stay hidden but add to the overall vibe. This getup lets you move freely and embodies a sporty yet simple style.

Florals For All Seasons: Blooming Prints & Pleats

A floral-printed tennis skirt, adorned with subtle patterns such as fine-lined flowers or gentle watercolor blooms, captures the joy of nature. Complement this with a halter floral top to maintain a sense of harmony within your outfit. By selecting jackets and shoes in solid colors, you'll ensure that the floral prints remain the highlight of your look. This vibrant and hopeful ensemble is just right for those days filled with unpredictable weather, allowing you to shine no matter the forecast.

Doubly Chic: Drawcord Tops & Matching Skirts

Double down on making a vibrant style statement by coordinating complementary prints. Select a vivid python-patterned skirt to serve as your print foundation. Seek out tank tops, cropped hoodies, and other garments featuring that same unique print for a cohesive look. Adding some matching hair accessories like patterned headbands or scrunchies pulls everything together flawlessly. This eye-catching tennis outfit will surely get you noticed whether you're heading to the club or brunch with friends!

Pastel Perfection: Tennis Skirt & Colorful Layers

Brighten up any occasion by infusing pops of playful colors into your sporty outfit. Seek out a basic white tennis skirt then contrast it with bright color tanks in shades like lavender, neon yellow, vibrant violet, and punchy pink. For extra flair, add a lightweight drawcord windbreaker with a bold abstract pattern featuring those colors. White low-top sneakers keep the attention on the lively color pairing. This cheerful rainbow-hued outfit promotes positive energy perfect for weekend adventures or power practice.


With so many cute options, every girl needs a versatile tennis skirt in her athletic wardrobe. As highlighted, tennis skirts pair effortlessly with cropped tops, sweatshirts, floral blouses, and more. You can dress them up for a night out or keep it casual for the courts. From preppy and girly to sleek and edgy, tennis skirts work for any personal style. Whether you're a tennis super fan or just adore the sporty aesthetic, discover endless ways to incorporate this iconic athletic skirt into everyday wear. Tennis skirts will keep you looking stylish all year round!

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