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Stylish and Functional Pilates Class Outfits for Women by WISKII Active
4 Pilates Class Outfits for Women: Comfortable, Functional, and Stylish

4 Pilates Class Outfits for Women: Comfortable, Functional, and Stylish

When it comes to taking a Pilates class, comfort is key. Pilates involves a lot of stretching, core work, and slow, controlled movements, which means you need clothes that won't restrict your movement or distract you from your practice. At the same time, it's nice to feel stylish and put-together while you're working out. Here are four Pilates class outfits for women that strike the perfect balance between comfort, function, and style.

Outfit #1: Leggings and a Sports Bra

This classic Pilates class outfit is a favorite for a reason. Leggings offer plenty of stretch and support, while a sports bra gives you freedom of movement in your arms. Look for high-rise leggings with a wide waistband to help keep everything in place while you move.

Leggings & One Shoulder Sports Bras

Outfit #2: Cropped Leggings and a Long-Sleeve Sports Bras

For those cooler days, stay warm in the Pilates studio with a pair of cropped leggings and a long-sleeve sports bra. Cropped leggings offer you plenty of freedom of movement while keeping your legs covered, while a long-sleeve sports bra in a moisture-wicking material will keep sweat away from your body.

Cropped Leggings and a Long-Sleeve Sports Bras

Outfit #3: Running Shorts and a Tank Top

If you're taking a Pilates class in the summer months or in a warmer climate, consider wearing running shorts and a tank top. Running shorts offer you plenty of freedom of movement, while a tank top will keep you cool and show off your arms and shoulders. Look for shorts with a moisture-wicking material and pockets to hold your phone or keys.

Running Shorts and a Tank Top


Outfit #4: Athleisure Jumpsuit

For the fashion-forward Pilates class attendee, consider wearing an athleisure jumpsuit. Jumpsuits offer a unique and stylish look, while still being functional and comfortable for Pilates. Choose a jumpsuit in a breathable material, and accessorize with a sweatband or headband to add some extra flair.

Taking a Pilates class is a great way to improve your flexibility, strength, and overall health. By choosing Pilates class outfits that are comfortable, functional, and stylish, you'll be able to focus on your practice and feel great while doing it. Whether you prefer leggings and a tank top, yoga pants and a sports bra, or an athleisure jumpsuit, there's a Pilates class outfit from WISKII Active that's perfect for you.


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