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How to choose suitable activewear? - WISKII News
How to choose suitable activewear? - WISKII

How to choose suitable activewear?

The first thing that girls start to work out is to choose activewear. Whether you choose to workout in the comfort of your home or head to a gym you need the right activewear to get the maximum out when you are burning all that fat! So take the time when choosing the right activewear. We will help you with tips to choose the perfect ones that are just right for you.


Tip 1: Consider Your Workout Type

List the kind of workouts you participate in. If you are a runner and have targeted a certain number of miles every week then your activewear will have to be vastly different than those who do simple light exercises.

You will also have to keep in mind these factors when choosing:

  • the number of hours you exercise
  • the number of days you work outdoors or indoors
  • seasonal clothes
  • the seasons and weather where you live


Tip 2: Select Based on Fabric

We can choose by fabric. Different fabrics have different functions.



It’s better not to wear a cotton T-shirt on spinning, HIIT or running. Because cotton clothing will absorb water and keep warm, it may make you feel like a wet rag when you exercise.

However, for walking, yoga, weightlifting or other low-perspiration activities, you can choose cotton blend clothes. 


Nylon is very soft, quick-drying, not prone to mold and is also breathable, which can drain sweat from the skin to the fabric surface, and then evaporate.

WISKII Training mesh leggings, 62% nylon, 30 polyester, 8% elastane. Flat knit. Bring you more flexibility.




Polyester is also the main fabric in fitness clothing fabrics, basically plastic fabrics, durable, anti-wrinkle, light weight, breathable, and non-absorbent. It means that the moisture on your skin will evaporate instead of being sucked into the fabric.



This kind of synthetic fiber is very elastic, the most important thing is that spandex is also breathable, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly. Spandex products can make people very flexible, prevent fewer abrasions, give exercisers maximum comfort, and also have antibacterial and moisture absorption effects.

That’s why some big brands use this material to make activewear.




The modal fabric feels particularly soft, and the cloth surface is shiny and bright.  Its moisture absorption capacity is 50% higher than that of cotton, which allows Modal fabric to remain dry and breathable.



Tip 3: Audit Your Existing Activewear Collection

Take note of the activewear you have in your closet. Make an inventory of them. You must be having a wide variety of pants, shorts, tops, but are woefully short of athletic bras. The ones you have are either worn out or stained or have turned shapeless. You may be reluctant to wear them in public much less work out. The next best thing would be to measure yourself up.


Tip 4: Focus on Heat-Wicking Fabrics

Choose clothes made out of fabrics that wick away heat and keep you cool as you exercise intensely. Online retail stores like Fabletics keep stock of all kinds of clothes that suit every workout. Fabletics reviews prove that you get great clothes at great prices. Check them out. The best clothes always come with a price but they are worth investing in as they last for a long time.


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