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WISKII Activewear Try On Haul & Review - Get the Look with WISKII
WISKII Activewear Try On Haul and Review

Get the Look with WISKII

Christina Eileen: Hey guys, we have a fashion haul for you and this time it's activewear from this brand called WISKII ACTIVE. I have not tried the clothes yet, so this is my first impression, WISKII Active has buttery soft pieces and the cutest Styles.

This is the MIRTO KNIT SET and it comes in three colors I got the black because I thought it would be the most flattering, it also comes in White and Almond and in literally every color is so cute. Some highlight its pockets, they're really adorable, it has a zip enclosure, it connects with a clasp, it comes as a piece. It looks really cute, comfortable and just wearing it for leisure.



Here is my next set, this skirt is called WISKII PLEATED SKIRTS. It comes in 11 colors and this color is Ivory. It's so comfortable, I love it! It has shorts underneath which are like spandex material and it is super loose and makes it so comfortable around, I could play tennis or badminton or like other sports.



The top is called the ELEGANT BRA TANK, it comes in five colors and this color is also Ivory, it matches perfectly. I love this top, wearing it as a workout set but also with normal outfits. As you can see, it's ribbed and it looks like a normal crop topM so I would love to pair this with jeans or with a cute outfit, maybe a cute denim skirt, and I feel like it fits pretty well, I like it.



So here is the third set called WISKII CHIC BRA TOP and LEISURE HIGH-WAIST MINI SHORT, I got it in Black because I think is really flattering, it goes with everything and it also goes with every season. My first impression it's so comfortable in every single outfit. I swear, it's so much more comfortable than I anticipated, these hug your body and cinch the waist, they're definitely very flattering and they show off those curves.



They come in eight different colors and you can mix and match as well, so they have this hem on high waist leggings as well and they have different matching tops that all go with this, you can mix and match your outfits. The top is called WISKII CHIC BRA TOP, the look at the back detail is just gorgeous, and the style is so unique as well it's flattering.



Thank you again so much to WISKII ACTIVE, your clothes are literally amazing! It's my first time trying them and I'm really impressed.

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