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WISKII Active Try on Haul & Review | The Cutest Activewear Sets
WISKII Active Try on Haul & Review | The Cutest Activewear Sets

WISKII Active Try on Haul & Review | The Cutest Activewear Sets

Welcome back to my channel, my name is Amy. If you're new here and thanks so much for hanging out with me today. I have a collaboration video with WISKII Active. A huge thanks go to the WISKII Active team for gifting me these products to share and review. So let's go ahead and jump into the try-on haul.

I love this set, this color is speaking to my soul, it is called almond butter and it's one of my favorite colors on their website. Right now I also have my eyes on the color cinnamon, probably gonna pick that up at some point like a different set in the cinnamon color, but you guys already know I love my neutrals. This is a beautiful one-shoulder sports bra. I love these two straps. It is a little sexy you know, and different. I don't own any sports bras that are kind of in this style. I think the lines and the silhouette of this sports bra is so stunning and it's very flattering even on my small chest.

I am obsessed with this set and these leggings guys. I have a slide obsession right now with the flared legging trend. It's just something that I never saw myself liking but the more I wear them the more I'm beginning to like it on my body shape. It just looks so good that it feels comfortable. I love this scalloped laser-cut design on the waistline. It's very unique and very feminine. I think this also makes your booty look nice which is great honestly my favorite out of the five things that I got. So yeah I would highly recommend this as a set. 

I just wanted to let you guys know another great thing about WISKII is that you can mix and match a lot of their items because they have a lot of the same colors in all the different styles that they have. So are so many different ways to mix and match and customize your look. So for this top, I picked out a just simple silhouette tennis skirt. This is so cute I love the back, it has that nice kind of glute but defining line for the seams at the front. It is lined and it has shorts underneath and fits super comfortably.

I went ahead and ordered matching biker shorts. It's very very cute the color is just beautiful, it's called Taro ice cream, how cute is that name. Anyway, it has that same kind of laser-cut scallop detail all around the sports bra even in the back which is nice.

For summer they have all sorts of different summery colors as well which I'm keen on. They have a really cute pastel yellow. I saw a light pink and a light blue, I love all my pastels so those are the only colors that I own in my wardrobe like pastels.

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