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Cozy Winter Day In My Life | WISKII Active
Cozy Winter Day In My Life | WISKII Active

Cozy Winter Day In My Life | WISKII Active

I want to show you my haul from WISKII. First, WISKII is an amazing online clothing company. I love the quality of their clothing. I'm putting on the jacket after I filmed my sit-down video. Their website is really easy to use, and they have so many different options, these are like butter soft and you know I love athleisure for literally anything running errands, editing around the house, working out yoga, stretching any part of my daily routine. I love wearing athletic wear and these are such good products and I can't wait to show you these items. Cuz they are so cute.

First is this matching set and I love this. I am trying a new workout class next week so I cannot wait to wear this flattering set. Like I said these are so soft, they are super stretchy. They are very flattering. This top is a halter and I love the scallop detail along the sides, it does have like a little pole right here, and the back is also super flattering. I love crisscross backs like this and I love how it's just like this crisp white color.

I think it always looks so put together and these leggings, I wish I had these in different colors. These are so flattering, and look so good again like butter. These are the softest leggings they go down to your ankles. Great, they're not going to be like moving around.

The next item is this dress and this is so cute, I have been obsessed with scalloped edging on everything lately. And this does not disappoint, this is a black little dress and it does have a halter and a pretty open back right here. I think that this is going to be perfect for skating. We are going ice skating this upcoming weekend and I know that I want to wear this, because it's going to look so cute.

Now for my favorite part of the haul it's this little jacket, this is one of the softest jackets I own and I love having these to lounge around the house. Specifically, I love how this looks on, I like to zip it up, so I like to have it kind of like off my shoulder and I love to cinch these little guys to make it look a little bit more flattering. I have been loving wearing this throughout fall and the winter, especially since I work at home and I'm normally at my desk, this is like definitely a go-to little jacket for me.

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