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Must Try WISKII Activewear - Flattering & Seamless
WISKII HOT Activewear Try on Review

WISKII HOT Activewear Try on Review

Hello, my friends and welcome back to another activewear review video. So today I'm trying out a brand that I have not tried out before and I'm very excited to share this with you. The brand name is WISKII, I will say the quality is very high-end. First of all, when I went to their site, they had outstanding designs. 

Black Activewear Set Try On: 7/8 High-Waist Legging & Cross Back Sports Bra

7/8 High-Waist Legging

So let's dig in and we're going to start with this black set. When I tried on these 7/8 High-Waist leggings and this set, first of all, take a look at the detail, like this texture. And I love the logotype, I love that, it's in gold, I am a sucker for gold. I have the leggings in size small and they are made out of 70% nylon and 30% spandex and I will say that it's a buttery soft type of fabric. When I put them on, I would say they run true to size, but when I hold them up, they look very tiny. When I put them on, they felt perfect. I will say medium support stays 100% in place, they're not moving or slipping or sliding or anything. They have a middle seam, but when I tried them on, it felt like they were unlike without the middle seam. They have a seam around the boot, which is very flattering. Everything about these leggings is very flattering and they are squat-proof, covering cellulite. I love these leggings, I love them so much, that I'm going to use them both in the gym and outside the gym.


Denice Andrée wear black 7/8 HIGH-WAIST ENERGY LEGGING


Cross Back Sports Bra

I have the bra top in size medium, it's the same blend. This top is awesome, I did take out the paddings, but it's so comfortable and this seamless type it's the same as the pants. It's the seamless part and the same thing with the bands here. They are in this seamless part which is very comfortable. The logotype in the back here is super sleek and super pretty. Crisscross in the back, you have this part around that is very flattering, and size medium fits me perfectly, so you have an elastic band underneath here, so they stay in place. I freaking love this set it's a 10 out of 10 for sure. Love it.

Denice Andrée wear black CROSS BACK SPORTS BRA



Denice Andrée wear WISKII Black Activewear Set


V-Waist Laser Cut Tennis Skirt & High Neck Laser Cut Leisure Bra

V-Waist Laser Cut Tennis Skirt

This is a skirt, can you see all the details, like the v shape in the front, logotype once again and this comes with a short inside. You can wear it and you have a pocket in the shorts, so you can put your phone if you want to. You can wear it without having your booty show, it's a very short skirt so the shorts underneath are necessary for me. I love the color, also this camel type of color it's so pretty, I love that they put the v shape and I love that it's a flowy skirt.


Denice Andrée showing detail of V-Waist Laser Cut Tennis Skirt

High Neck Laser Cut Leisure Bra

It comes with this matching top. It's gorgeous, but it's a little bit tiny to get into. I have this in size medium as well and I kept the paddings in and the paddings is like, if I turn it inside out you will see like it's one section for each padding and this is a very cool crop.


Denice Andrée showing the back detail of High Neck Laser Cut Leisure Bra



Denice Andrée wear the set of High Neck Laser Cut Leisure Bra & V-Waist Laser Cut Tennis Skirt


Pants Set: High-Waist Lounge Wide-Leg Pant & Twist Long Sleeve Top

We have a nice soft pants set that is brownish. I have this set in size medium. And this is made out of 64% acrylic, 6% spandex, and 30% visors. I going to use this set. It's in a very heavy, luxurious type of fabric. I like that because it feels very dense and heavy which is a plus. Elastic pan in the waist, I love that. It's long in the legs if you are very short maybe you will have a problem. But for us tall girls that always have a problem finding things that are long enough for the legs. This is just amazing. I also love the details because they have the seam in the front and the back. That makes them look like exclusive soft pants, so that's something. I like and they are so comfortable and this top as well. Everything is so comfortable, it's a very soft material and I love that. The top is oversized flow and it has this tied crisscross in the front that makes it look exclusive. And it's cropped, so you don't look like bulky.


Denice Andrée try on High-Waist Lounge Wide-Leg Pant


Denice Andrée try on High-Waist Lounge Wide-Leg Pant

Last but not least

We're thrilled to hear how much Denice Andree is loving the new WISKII pieces! It sounds like our lounge set has already become a go-to for her, blending style with ultimate comfort whether she's cozying up at home or stepping out for errands. Our aim is always to create versatile pieces that fit perfectly into your lifestyle, just like those adorable shorts with their playful fake drawstring and the chic quarter zip that's perfect for an airport ensemble.

It's fantastic to know that Denice finds the white gym wear set not just suitable for workouts but also as a part of her everyday wardrobe. We adore that she's discovered its potential to seamlessly transition from active attire to a stylish outfit when paired with jeans – offering both support and style, all while ensuring comfort.

Remember, WISKII is here to support Denice through every part of her day – from energetic gym sessions to those cherished moments of downtime. We're grateful she's chosen to make us a part of her daily life and shared these experiences. As Denice continues to rock her WISKII outfits, we hope she feels as incredible as she looks!

For more innovative designs and comfortable yet fashionable pieces, keep an eye on our updates. We're excited to see what Denice Andree will select next from WISKII to add that extra zest to both her active and leisure wardrobes. #WearItLoveIt #WISKIILifestyle

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