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WISKII's Athleisure Sets and Loungewear Try on Haul & Reviews
WISKII's Athleisure Sets and Loungewear Try on Haul & Reviews

WISKII's Athleisure Sets and Loungewear Try on Haul & Reviews

We're going to be doing an honest review on some Instagram viral items like the brand WISKII. We're going to test those athleisure sets and loungewear out and see.

Let's get started this is the cutest little set. I love the black and white, it does come in two other color options. I think a black option and then a tan option as well come in sizes small medium and large.

They're kind of more in the middle price range if you will. But it does have that nice Lycra fabric, Spandex, and kind of a four-way stretch style so this top is really cute. It does have a v-neck it does have light padding which just gives you a little bit more support this is a great set to work out in.

I feel like it holds me in really well. I am small-chested though but just the fabric of it I feel holds me together super well. I feel comfortable. It has this really cute open back and I feel like the white and the black design is just very figure-flattering. I am so impressed this one is so good.

This is by the WISKII brand as well as the scalloped detailing. This is so adorable and fun but I wish you could come through and feel the fabric on this one. It's a four-way stretch moisture-wicking. It's like butter. It just moves with your skin. It's squat-proof, it stays up well. So it's like one of those cute sets, it's also like functional as well.

I went with the olive because you guys know I love this olive color, but it comes in so many color options. So if you want to go with like a bright pink or lilac or something for summer. That would be a great option to kind of switch search things up.

I am wearing my true to-size small and right reference again I'm just under five-nine. It hits me more like a 7-8 length on this one, but this is one of my favorite activewear sets and I feel like the seams they're on this legging are flattering as well. So trust me this one is 10 out of 10.

WOW, I am super super impressed here is another athletic look by the WISKII brand. This is a lounge set. It is so soft and I size up to a medium in this sweatshirt because I wanted it to be kind of oversized. And then I'll show you the length of it out in just a second, but I just have it front tucked here into the shorts.

I love this bluish-lilac color. It comes in more color options and then if you want to wear it with leggings, I would size up one um that way. It's long enough to just kind of give you some coverage in the back if you want. But it can kind of just drape and lay like this which is cute too.

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