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Trend Alert: Embrace the Return of Biker Shorts for Fitness Fashion
Exercise Bike Shorts for Any Budget - WISKII

Exercise Bike Shorts for Any Budget

Has everyone else noticed? Clearly, biker shorts are making a comeback in the fitness world and they’re not just for bicyclists. We were all very into the booty shorts, really accentuated those legs and that peach of a butt. But now we are seeing many wearing the longer length biker shorts, and at first we were a little taken back but I think we are coming around.

As with most new trends to hit the ground running, we found ourselves most skeptical of this one. Similar to the introduction of the high-waisted leggings, we’d been so used to rolling down the waist of our leggings to let the whole mid section show that we were slightly astounded by the idea of hiding it all. But alas they did grow on us, as they seem to have grown on the fitness community as a whole. Now we’ve moved down to our legs, the thighs are taking a back seat in these sleek, slimming shorts. So what else were we to do other than to give them a whirl! As with anything “new” we didn’t want to break the bank so here are some affordable options we tried and surprisingly didn’t hate.


These are a great option for hitting the gym or the street. The side pockets are a convenient place for your phone or keys. The effects of compression shorts are also a plus. Reduced muscle fatigue, strain prevention, and a lower risk of  muscle soreness to name a few. https://reurl.cc/q5RjXy


Now for those on the shorter side, these 7″ shorts are where it’s at. Still rocking that pocket for the essentials, these are a great length for our not so tall and lengthy ladies. Trust us when we say we know the struggle of being short and buying any sort of bottom ware (that was the great thing about the booty shorts… could not go wrong with length). https://reurl.cc/RrVl2g


With a plethora of colors to choose from and great for any leg length we have these knock outs. Again, repeating the fact that we absolutely love the side pockets on any workout bottoms. These have two little pockets for even more of your sleek gym necessities. https://reurl.cc/WrmZAe

We have yet to try any lululemon or other expensive (don’t get us wrong they are well worth their price) but we like to start small. Test the waters if you will. And we do, in all honesty, like the look and feel of the biker shorts. Preferring the 5 – 7″ length, but that’s just a short girl problem. We hope this helps you in your efforts to stay on top of the fitness fashion trends. Until next time…