Leggings Style Guide: 12 Chic Outfit Ideas

Leggings Style Guide: 12 Chic Outfit Ideas


  1. Cropped Pairs: Cropped Tops Layered & Leggings
  2. Fitted Duos: Form-Fitting Tank Tops Paired & Leggings
  3. Cozy Layers: Cozy Sweatshirts Styled & Leggings
  4. Oversized Warmth: Slouchy Sweater & Leggings
  5. Hooded Matches: Sporty Zip-Up Hoodies Matched & Leggings
  6. Style Mix: Edgy Jackets & Smooth Leggings
  7. Denim Outerwear: Distressed Denim Jackets Topping & Leggings
  8. Blazer Refinements: Tailored Blazers Refining & Leggings
  9. Weather Shields: Waterproof Rain Jackets Shielding & Leggings
  10. Crisscross Showcases: Crisscross Bras & Leggings
  11. Tied Additions: Tied Layers Atop & Leggings
  12. Open Layers: Lightweight Cardigans & Leggings
  13. Conclusion

Leggings have become super popular for both exercising and everyday comfy clothes. They're great for the gym, a jog, or just kicking back in something cozy. Plus, leggings aren't just for working out anymore; dress them up right, and they'll look awesome for everyday occasions like grabbing a coffee or hanging with friends.

This article will provide 12 outfit ideas that all start with a pair of leggings. You'll get some fun tips on how to make leggings look great whether you're sweating it out or stepping out. We're talking about sporty looks for your fitness sessions and stylish combos for weekend outings. So, keep reading to check out lots of trendy ways to wear your leggings.

Cropped Pairs: Cropped Tops Layered & Leggings

A cropped top is the perfect pairing for leggings whether you're working up a sweat or just want to show a sliver of midriff for a night out. Look for cropped lengths that hit right at your natural waist for the most flattering fit.

The Cropped Duo

  • Black leggings
  • Long sleeve crop top
  • White sneakers
  • Gold/silver pendant necklace

The Cropped Duo ensemble is a tasteful combination. It pairs classic black leggings with a long-sleeved crop top, suitable for fitness classes yet fashionably cut to reveal a modest amount of skin. Complement the look with pristine white sneakers for practicality and an understated elegance. A necklace, perhaps in gold or silver, adds a sophisticated touch to the timeless black color scheme. This attire adeptly balances athleisure with a refined aesthetic, making it appropriate for the gym as well as social outings afterward.

Fitted Duos: Form-Fitting Tank Tops Paired & Leggings

For a comfortable fit that moves with you, consider wearing leggings with a form-fitting tank top. This style contours to your body, offering a sleek look suitable for a yoga class or an evening out. In warm weather, a fitted tank top also serves as an ideal layer that's both breathable and snug.

The Tank Topper

  • Black leggings
  • Black racerback tank
  • Black slides
  • Black shoulder bag
Impact High-Waist Leggings - Black
Choose a racerback tank with an athletic style that mirrors the leggings' sporty vibe. The all-black accessories let the colorful leggings pop as the statement piece. This look works well for everything from running errands to meeting friends for brunch.

Cozy Layers: Cozy Sweatshirts Styled & Leggings

Nothing feels better after a tough workout than throwing on a cozy sweatshirt. But sweatshirts aren't just for lazy days on the couch anymore. Its cuts and polo collar upgrades make the sweatshirt an urban streetstyle essential.

The Polished Prep
  • Orange leggings
  • Orange polo sweatshirt
  • White leather sneakers
  • Pearl earrings
  • White headband


High-Waist Invigorate Legging - Orange


Elevate a basic polo sweatshirt by pairing it with leggings and finishing with classy white leather sneakers. Pop in pearl earrings and you have an effortlessly pulled-together Sunday brunch outfit.

Oversized Warmth: Slouchy Sweater & Leggings

For ultimate comfort and an of-the-moment style, you can't go wrong layering leggings with an oversized sweater or cardigan. Choose slouchy cuts that graze hips or mid-thigh for the most flattering proportions over leggings.

Go monochromatic by choosing an oversized knit in a matching or similar hue to your leggings for an elongated silhouette. Neutrals also work well together, as this outfit combo shows:

The Cozy Layer

  • Pure vanilla leggings
  • Oversized cream cable knit sweater
  • Brown ankle boots
  • Canvas tote

The cream sweater perfectly matches the vanilla leggings while remaining neutral enough to elongate legs. Finish with casual ankle boots and an oversized tote bag for an effortless weekend look.

Hooded Matches: Sporty Zip-Up Hoodies Matched & Leggings

For hitting the gym or just running around town, a hoodie is the ultimate partner for leggings. Zip-up styles allow versatility, as you can wear them closed for warmth or open for breathability. Cropped cuts also show off your figure's shape beautifully.

The Zip-Up

  • White leggings with mesh design
  • White full zip hoodie
  • Black cap
  • Silver watch

White leggings are perfect for powering through tough workouts in style. Temper the bottoms with a gray tee and white hoodie for a more balanced look. Don't forget sporty accessories like a fitted hat and watch to tie the outfit together.

Style Mix: Edgy Jackets & Smooth Leggings

Forget the old rule that jackets are exclusively for jeans and T-shirts. They can also create a chic, contemporary look when paired with smooth leggings. Choose fitted jackets in different styles to maintain a polished silhouette that matches well with the form-fitting nature of leggings.

The Moto Chic

  • Black&white leggings
  • Black&white sports bra
  • Black jacket
  • Black sneakers or heeled booties
  • Red lipstick
Alps Mesh Leggings - Black
Black leggings are a surprisingly versatile match for a classic black jacket. For a comfortable yet stylish twist, try pairing them with sneakers. If you want to elevate the outfit, switch to heeled booties; they're dressy but still comfy enough for wearing all day. Add a dash of glamour with a swipe of bold red lipstick to complete the chic look.

Denim Outerwear: Distressed Denim Jackets Topping & Leggings

Along with leather, oversized denim jackets complement leggings beautifully. The contrast between tight and baggy makes this a highly stylish pairing. Focus on jackets with exaggerated elements like oversized lapels or super distressed effects.

The Oversized Outwear

  • Black or white leggings
  • White sports bra
  • Blue denim jacket
  • White platform sneakers
  • '90s sunglasses

For a relaxed yet stylish outfit perfect for grabbing coffee on the weekend, start with a pair of comfortable black or white leggings. Pair them with a white sports bra for a fresh, sporty vibe. Then, throw on an oversized blue denim jacket to add a layer of effortless cool. Slip into white platform sneakers to keep the look cohesive and give you a little lift. Don't forget your '90s-inspired sunglasses for that nostalgic, vintage touch that completes the ensemble.

Blazer Refinements: Tailored Blazers Refining & Leggings

For hitting brunch straight from the gym or dashing around town, tailor your leggings by layering a crisp blazer on top. Structured cuts contrast with a legging's stretch while longline lengths help elongate your frame.

The Office Ready

  • Black leggings
  • White button-down top
  • Gray or brown blazer
  • Black loafers
  • Black leather tote
A white button-down keeps this look office-appropriate while the gray blazer pulls focus up top. Loafers and a leather tote add polish for knocking out weekend errands in style. This outfit formula upgrades leggings for just about any daytime occasion.

Weather Shields: Waterproof Rain Jackets Shielding & Leggings

Don't let April showers stop you from rocking leggings even in transitional weather. Pair waterproof rain jackets with leggings for splashy puddle walks or misty morning runs.

The Rain or Shine

  • Gray leggings
  • Gray strappy sports bra
  • Grayish blue waterproof hardshell performance jacket
  • Black rain boots
  • Black backpack


WISKII leggings & strappy sports bra & jacket - Grey


This look feels earthy yet cheerful on rainy days. Ensure dryness with a fully waterproof hooded jacket while rain boots keep feet comfy. Contrast drawstrings and backpack straps make for a pulled-together finish.

Crisscross Showcases: Crisscross Bras & Leggings

Transform a simple sports bra into a fashion highlight with crisscross detailing. The playful straps create an interesting contrast against the clean lines of leggings. Whether it's subtle double straps or elaborate web-like designs, these strappy sports bras are at the forefront of athletic fashion trends.

The Crisscross Cutie

  • Blue leggings
  • Blue crisscross sports bra
  • White sneakers
Blue High-Waist Invigorate Legging

Make a splash with blue leggings that grab attention. Pair them with a matching blue sports bra featuring crisscross straps for both style and support. Add a pair of white sneakers for a touch of sporty chic, and complete the look with hoop earrings for a bit of everyday sparkle.

Tied Additions: Tied Layers Atop & Leggings

Rather than fully layering on top, tie jackets or shirts around your waist atop leggings for a casually cool vibe. Oversized button-downs, plaid shirts, or simple jackets work well with this styling trick.

The Effortlessly Chic Look

  • Two-toned leggings
  • Simple white v-neck tee
  • Black or white shirt tied at the waist
  • White high-top sneakers

Flaunt your two-toned leggings by pairing them with a basic white v-neck t-shirt. Add a laid-back touch by tying a black or white shirt around your waist. Complete this outfit with white high-top sneakers to maintain a youthful and fresh appeal.

Open Layers: Lightweight Cardigans & Leggings

An open-front cardigan vest leggings with a soft layer perfect for battling air conditioning or cool summer nights. Lightweight knits like crochet styles work beautifully over leggings.

The Wrapped-Up Wonder

  • White leggings
  • Black camisole top
  • Long gray open-front cardigan
  • Comfortable black flats
  • Coordinating gray handbag

For a stylish yet cozy brunch look, start by layering a flowing gray cardigan over crisp white leggings paired with a simple black camisole. Then, slip into your comfy black flats; they're perfect for an easygoing yet fashionable vibe. Finally, you can complete the ensemble by grabbing a gray purse-its elegant touch harmoniously complements the soft hue of the leggings, tying the whole look together seamlessly.


Leggings are far more versatile than just pairing with oversized sweaters and tees. These 12 stylish outfit ideas reveal clever new ways to wear leggings beyond the gym. The key to rocking leggings with confidence? Embrace their versatility for any occasion, from running errands to brunch with friends or sweating through a spin class. With the right mindset and complementary toppers, leggings can anchor looks that always look fierce and pulled together. Treat leggings as the wardrobe staple they are, and discover endlessly chic new outfit formulas for any activity or outing.

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