Activewear Haul (ft. WISKII)

Activewear Haul (ft. WISKII)

Welcome back to my channel. Today I'm going to be giving you guys another haul and I'm so excited to tell you guys about WISKII. WISKII is an athleisure type of company and they sell the cutest clothes ever let me tell you if you're a sporty do yoga pilates type of person, you're gonna love their clothing.

Let's get started on this one. I'm most excited about a two-piece set. This is the top, it's so cute. The fabric is like a knit and it feels super stretchy, so I feel like I will be able to move around in this so easily. It has little pockets up here if you want to put some snacks in there. I got this top in a size small. This is the pant that is matching to the top and I love these. They're super high-waisted which I love, especially in the summertime. At the back, they have little matching pockets and these are also a size small. I honestly think this is the cutest set I have in my closet nowadays and I'm so excited to wear it throughout the summer.

Next up is one of my favorites. I love a good flare legging and they have it. So the waistband is a crisscross type of vibe. I think it's so flattering on the super high-waisted and it says WISKII at the back. I love flares, it's super straight leg down until we get to the bottom where it flares out and the quality is giving it's super stretchy. And I 100% feel like I can actually do sports or run around and do errands in these without having to worry about, like ripping them. Looking back at this footage I definitely should have got the Asian size on the website because the regular link is long on me. If you are 5'4 or around my height or shorter, I recommend the Asia fit, because regular is going to be pretty long. 

Next up is a sweater. This is a little white zip up and my favorite part about this is that it cinches in at the waist. I love a good cinch, I think it is so flattering and the material is a super sporty fabric type of material. And I feel like you can sweat in this and you're not just going to be gross and dying. They also have a romper like this, it's so pretty but I got the zip-up instead.