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WISKII Active Try-On Haul: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style
WISKII Active Try-On Haul - Comfort Meets Style

WISKII Active Try-On Haul - Comfort Meets Style

Sabrina Dushaj: Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel, I am filming a WISKII try-on haul and review. I recently got in some stuff from their site and I wanted to show you guys what I got.The first item is the sports bra, I love this and I got it in a size small, it is so cute and fits me well, it has a little opening in the back and I did do some cupping therapy, so do not be alarmed about the bruising of my back. I love the sports bra, it's so flattering, I feel like it has medium support in the sports bra super cute and I love the color of it.
These are the leggings that have a little V, I don't have anything like this, so I want to give them a try. I was a little nervous about how the V would look on me but it hit me at the perfect spot, it just looks so cute and it kind of makes you look a little curvier which I love. I'm so picky when it comes to leggings and these just hug me so tight in all the right areas, they're just so soothing and so buttery soft. I'm so pleasantly surprised and I think this set is gorgeous and it fits so well.The next I've got is this tennis skirt. I love them for summer and spring, they're so easy to throw on with any top and just elevate your outfit instead of wearing boring shorts, they make you look a little more dressed up and they're comfortable as well. It has built-in shorts I liked this tennis skirt because it scallops over and it's just so cute.I've been wanting a wide-leg sweatpant and these ones are perfect, I got a size small in both and they're just right, I'm five foot ten and the length is actually perfect on me. It's so cozy and then a matching set obviously makes you look so gorgeous. I loved it with a pair of slides or a sneaker or whatever, they're just so comfortable.I am obsessed with the set I'm going to get so much use out of it and like even the zippers on it are so nice, they're just such high-quality everything from them is such nice high quality, so I'm excited for that but that is everything that I got as I mentioned I am so impressed with everything that I got great material and they're all such gorgeous pieces.