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WISKII Active Review: Cute and Comfortable Activewear Sets for a Stylish Workout
The Cutest Girly Workout Set from WISKII | Try on Haul (Updated Jan 2024)

The Cutest Girly Workout Set from WISKII | Try on Haul (Updated Jan 2024)

Destiny: I have a super exciting try on a try on haul for you guys, this is a new activewear brand that I found on Instagram, their stuff is so cute and girly, and it came in a package, I love it when brands do these boxes, they're just so cute it's a designed with passion and attention to comfort and it's called WISKII Active.

Let's get right into it, I got two sets.

1. The packaging is this cute so each item comes in an individual bag like this.

2. This is the first that I got this gorgeous light purple-lavender color, how adorable and the name of this was really cute: Taro ice cream.

Chic Bra Top & Leisure High Waist Mini Short Set

WISKII ActiveThe Chic bra top, it's kind of like a short sleeve shirt, it does have padding you can remove it if you don't like it, but it's just so soft and comfortable, it makes my boobs look nice. I love the fit of it and the shape, it is just so feminine and pretty and it doesn't fall off my shoulders which I was kind of surprised.

I got the mini length but they also have just a biker short which is a bit longer, they have the gorgeous scallop detail at the bottom all along and they also have it in the back and they're super flattering.

The other set I got is this coconut shell color which I thought was perfect for the fall.

Strappy Bra & High Waist Flare Legging

Both sizes were small, and the leggings were offered in regular size or Asian size, so I got the Asian size because I'm a little bit short, and they were a shorter length which is good for me.

The WISKII Strappy Bra looks really good and it has this double strap design, it has padding and it doesn't have an underwire, a soft cup.


wiskii strappy bra

The High Waist Flare Legging is scalloped at the top with the half-moon design all the way around, I love the scallop so girly, so cute. They're super flattering in the back, I like that they don't give me a camel toe and they're really nice and thick so they're not see-through or anything, I'm just wearing a little seamless thong underneath. I think tight pants are really comfortable unless it's tight at my ankles and like my calves but yeah this set is literally perfect I don't even have to say much about it.



I am obsessed with these pieces this one is not coming off I'm wearing it for the rest of the day but yeah thank you guys so much for watching and have a good day bye.

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