WISKII Activewear Try-On by Sandra Rios | Stylish Activewear

WISKII Activewear Try-On by Sandra Rios | Stylish Activewear

Hi guys, I'm back, and this time I am doing a WISKII try-on and review. I already own some of their pieces from previous collections and I love the material.

High-waisted shaping leggings

The first piece I already feel like I love and I haven't tried it on. These leggings are the reason that I love them. It has a little crisscross band, it's going to give the illusion of cinching in a little bit, so I want to try these on. They are just plain seamless, actually not seamless, they do have seams, but they are plain and then here on the butt, it has the lining to perk it up a little bit more. And then I have two black tops that I'm going to show you guys.


Sandra Rios showcasing leggings paired with her favorite jacket.

Sandra Rios showcasing sculpting leggings.


Ultimate Comfort Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Crop Top

This is the top (off shoulder long sleeve crop top).that I'm trying on. It's so cute, I love how different it is. Is the competed material the same as the pants like I said it's like Lululemon. I also love the fit of the pants, especially right here if you guys can see kind of just like crisp crosses, it gives you that cinched-in effect and it's really cute. I love them, I especially like how different this top is like I said and I think this would be a really cute pilates outfit yoga outfit, or just like running errands. 


Sandra Rios showcasing a black off-shoulder long-sleeve workout top with scalloped hem design.


Versatile and Comfortable Long-Sleeve Workout Top

This is the next top(long sleeve ruched bra). I am obsessed, so cute, it is a little small on the breast size. Everything it's so freaking nice and they have other colors if you want to kind of mix and match the top. So I got a white in this one but they also have a pretty new pink one that I'm probably going to have to go back and get it. The pink is so pretty. It fits nicely, it's not see-through and this is just something that I would like to wear.

Sandra Rios showcasing a sporty long-sleeve top with front ruched detailing.
High-Elasticity V-Waist Shaping Yoga Leggings

I am obsessed with these pants(v-waist yoga legging), I love the structure of it here at the top, like I said it gives you that like V shape so it looks more cinched in.
Overall the pants fit so nicely, that I'm not sure if they're squat-proof. I don't feel like trying right now but they are a thicker material, so they're not super thin to where you have to kind of be careful. 


Sandra Rios showcasing white V-waist yoga leggings.

Sandra Rios showcasing white V-waist yoga leggings paired with her favorite coat.


Ultimate Comfort Sculpting Pilates Set

I'm obsessed, this is another pilates outfit(long sleeve ruched bra&v-waist yoga legging), or running errands or maybe with a coat on top like a beige coat would be super cute. I'm obsessed with this top, I've been trying to stock up on like really cute activewear because that's literally what motivates me. It's like having cute pieces, so something like this would motivate me to go to the gym.

Sandra Rios showcasing a white Pilates set.
Thank you, Sandra Rios, for showcasing and reviewing WISKII activewear. As a fashion and beauty blogger, she demonstrated a high level of professionalism. The video featured fitted workout tops, shaping leggings, and comfortable Pilates sets. Additionally, she offered styling advice. If you are looking for comfortable, high-stretch activewear, consider her recommendations.