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Discover the Best Athleisure Wear: Rylee Jade's Stylish Recommendations
Rylee Jade Reviews WISKII Wear: Stylish Picks for Sports Bras and Leggings

Rylee Jade Reviews WISKII Wear: Stylish Picks for Sports Bras and Leggings

Hi guys, welcome back. I'm going to start the Vlog with a try-on. I have some cute athleisure wear to share with you guys that were recently sent to me and it's so good.

High-support high-stretch activewear set

This is by the brand WISKII. I hopped on their site I was like Oh my gosh they have such cute girly but slightly edgy pieces. Their material is stretchy and buttery soft but still offers compression. Let's just talk about this color, it is stunning. It's like not taupe not brown not gray, it's so beautiful and so flattering. This sports bra (Dynamic one shoulder sports bra)is amazing, usually with one shoulder, I feel like there's not a lot of support but like can you guys hear that bounce back? I could honestly probably run in this sports bra and I can't believe I'm saying that with a one-shoulder sports bra and I wear a d bra. So I feel like that's secure but I also don't feel squished. And yes you can remove the pads. I would keep them in just for my preference, but it is nice to know that you can remove them.

Rylee Jade is showcasing WISKII's sports bras to everyone.

For the leggings (kono training leggings), they have this cute little crossover detail in the front. These are nice too because they're so stretchy. I love this detail and it's super flattering. It's just for some reason kind of makes your leg look longer. And the sheer panel goes around to the back. Oh, this fabric is heavenly.

Rylee Jade is showcasing WISKII's stylish leggings to everyone.

Rylee Jade is showcasing WISKII's stylish leggings to everyone.

Chic and comfortable activewear set

The thing (Training mesh leggings) I like about this crossover is it's sewn in place like it's this whole seam is sewn to the waistband. So it's not going to be like sliding around on you.

Rylee Jade is showcasing white WISKII stylish leggings to everyone.

And this sports bra (suit yourself sports bra) is everything, it is so comfortable. This fabric is just absolutely to die for It is high-end and it feels it it looks it it's very seamless. Look at the back guys, How cute is the back of this bra I'm obsessed. This is a great brand to try out, I highly recommend it.

Rylee Jade is showcasing white WISKII sports bras to everyone.

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Lastly, we sincerely thank Rylee Jade for her try-on reviews. If you're currently looking for suitable sports bras and leggings but are unsure which ones to choose, you can refer to Rylee Jade's try-on videos.

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