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Honest Review of WISKII Active | WISKII activewear

WISKII Activewear Try-On Haul: Autryana McGee Reveals Chic & Cute Picks

Autryana McGee: Hey, friends, welcome back to my channel. Today I am bringing you guys a try-on haul for this brand called WISKII, it's definitely Chic, active, and cute, so if you're a girly who enjoys athleisure and kind of likes dresses it up a little bit then it is definitely this brand. Of course, you could never have too many workout Sets.

WISKII did a really good job with the sports bra overall we do have the logo here and the gold actually really complements this color and reflects off the light so nicely that this is beautiful.


Autryana McGee is showing the details of DYNAMIC ONE SHOULDER SPORTS BRA



Look at this detailing right? got the matching leggings, and these are the front we've got a cute little mesh detail here on this side when I put it on oh these have good stretch to them.


Autryana McGee is showing the details of TRAINING MESH LEGGINGS



This is a super cute look at the back, here we've got some strap action going on this feels actually really good high-quality materials.WISKII is giving me boobs we do have a U-shaped neckline and it does come down a little bit so it kind of gives you a little bit of oomph


Autryana McGee is trying STRAPPY BACK SPORTS BRA



They are stretchy we do have this high crisscross waistband which is very seamless, and it's super stretchy the same, as for the details again we have the mesh right here it's not super tight on my skin as you can see I do have some wiggle room, the mesh is actually really beautiful it goes against my skin perfectly flawless.


Autryana McGee is showing the details of KONO TRAINING LEGGINGS



Overall I have to say I'm really impressed like I said the quality, the sizing, the stretch and WISKII kind of blew me out, I have to say, you know in browsing WISKII, they have a pretty huge selection, I really care about the quality, and the material that I have for working out, I want things to last a long time I want them to high-intensity workout and I 100% think that WISKII can do that for me I really appreciate it.

WISKII: We're absolutely delighted to hear that Autryana McGee is loving her WISKII activewear! It's so rewarding to know that the chic design, flattering fit, and high-quality materials have made a positive impression. Our mission at WISKII is to blend performance with style seamlessly, ensuring each piece we create supports your active lifestyle while making you feel confidently beautiful.

Seeing Autryana enjoy the meticulous details and appreciate the functionality of our pieces truly reinforces our commitment to excellence. We're thrilled she's found the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and style in our activewear for her high-intensity workouts and beyond.

Thank you, Autryana, for such a glowing review. It's customers like you who inspire us to keep innovating and striving for the best in both fashion and function. Keep shining and slaying in your WISKII activewear!

For everyone watching, explore more of our collection and find your own perfect fit for athleisure luxury at WISKII. #WISKIIActive #FeelTheFit #AthleisureElegance

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