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Revamp Your Workout Wardrobe with WISKII Active: Stylish Comfort Meets Performance
WISKII Active: Stylish & Comfortable Activewear Sets Reviewed by Tessa Reyes Benz

WISKII Active: Stylish & Comfortable Activewear Sets Reviewed by Tessa Reyes Benz

Tessa Reyes Benz: I work out, so when it comes to my wardrobe I'm constantly looking for items that are comfortable, I want to present myself in a way that has a little bit of style and flare, and I have found that with WISKII ACTIVE, I love their designs, everything feels very elegant, it feels age-appropriate feels sexy but still sophisticated, so not only do I wear this when I work out because it is athletic wear but I also wearing this all day long.

Stylish & Comfortable Almond Butter Set

Let's go ahead and start with this Almond Butter set,  you realize that sculpted hem at the bottom is so flattering on any size, I'm really pleased with that cut, I love the back detail, that little cutout in the back just kind of brings a little bit more interesting eye to the back of the bra and then it does have those supportive cups in there, but you can remove them if you'd like, and then moving on to the leggings. I really love the V-WAIST UTILITY LEGGING that V waist cut on anybody, I feel like it's such a flattering cut, so I don't think you can ever go wrong with a V waist, of course, I had to go with a legging that had pockets.

Tessa Reyes Benz Showcasing the Almond Butter Set

Black High-Support Activewear Set

When I'm in black, it's ultra flattering but I love this DREAMY CUTOUT YOGA BRA, this is their Diamond Cutout Mock Neck Bra and this is something that I will wear to work out in, I will also pair this with some jeans and kick around town, so it's kind of that versatile. I love the back cutout of this bra it's so flattering on the back and I do like the cut on the top I think it's very flattering. I paired it with the same V waist leggings in all black with pockets. The sports bra is the same fabric as the leggings so it's really sturdy, this fabric is super sturdy and l will say the sports bra is double lined but it's very light.


High-Stretch Moisture-Wicking Pink Activewear Set

Then moving on to the top that I'm currently wearing the Pink Hollywood color's the DIAMOND CUTOUT MOCK NECK BRA, it feels so buttery soft, it's not as cool of a tone it's more of a warm tone in my opinion, so it is that right pink. I got it in that Diamond Cutout Mock Neck, I ended up pairing this sports bra with the High-waist Invigorate Legging, it is so buttery soft that it's got that moisture-wicking four-way stretch, it has the pockets. I'm going to give this set 10 out of 10 and I will definitely wear the Pink Hollywood for all of my classes when I go to my group fitness classes at the gym when I train.

Thank you so much for joining me today and listening to what I have to say about WISKII Active. I will say that they hold up really nicely even after a lot of washes a lot of wear a lot of sweating in them, so they are a brand that I can definitely say is stepping up the game in the fitness wear department. Their clothing is flattering, effortless, chic and it's comfortable which is what I need and it's functional.

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