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WISKII Activewear Review: Anni Wood's Honest Try-Ons & Styling Tips
Anni Wood's WISKII Activewear Review: Comfort, Style Revealed

Anni Wood's WISKII Activewear Review: Comfort, Style Revealed

Anni Wood:Guys, I want to do a little mini haul of some new clothes. I got some clothes from WISKII.

I want to start with this lounge set(SUNSHINE KNITTED SET). I've worn it a lot already because it's so comfortable and you can literally just wear it around the house or anywhere. It's a long sleeve top and it's also got a hood which just makes so much cuter. It's actually so comfy and it's got little thumb holes. If I want to go get a sunbed, I'll just quickly put it on and run out of that house. When the shorts came I was like are they gonna be too small, but they actually fit perfectly. And they've got a little cute fake drawstring, but it's fine because it stretches.

Anni Wood shows you casual knitted suits

The next one(LEISURE SWEATSHIRT SET) I literally love this is like an airport outfit and it's got the little logo there and it's also got the logo on the back in the little pink look. And it's like a cropped quarter zip and it's oversized. I just think the gray and the pink, when I saw it, I was like I need that one.

Anni Wood shows you casual sports suits


Anni Wood shows you the back of a casual tracksuit

The next one (ONE SHOULDER RUCHED BRA & HIGH-WAIST INVIGORATE LEGGING) is a bit different. It's not loungewear, they also do gym wear. This is a white gym wear set. It's got the logo on the back, just plain white leggings. Even you could literally not wear this to the gym, you could wear this out. Guys, look at this top. This is too nice to wear to the gym.  You can also wear it with some jeans and you don't even have to wear a bra or anything. It literally gives you like free boob jobs you know what I mean. And the leggings are so comfy, they're not tight and it is so cute! If I were to do a workout, this leggings is definitely what I'll be putting on. 

Anni Wood shows off ONE SHOULDER RUCHED BRA and white leggings

Anni Wood shows you the ONE SHOULDER RUCHED BRA


Special thanks to Anni Wood for her genuine try-on reviews and style insights. Anni Wood is a renowned fashion and style blogger with a distinct aesthetic sense, offering valuable perspectives on trends and personal styling.

Thank you for reading through this WISKII activewear showcase. We hope that Anni Wood's feedback has provided you with useful insights and styling ideas for incorporating these pieces into your collection.

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