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WISKII activewear | Try on Haul (cute Fall/ Winter workout clothes)
WISKII activewear | Try on Haul (cute Fall/ Winter workout clothes)

WISKII activewear | Try on Haul (cute Fall/ Winter workout clothes)

Lena Joo: Hello, welcome back to my channel, this is Lena and I'm back with this sports set. This one was I always wanted to try out, this WISKII Active brand, and I got gifted from WISKII. 

I'm wearing the first set, I wanted to show you guys three different types of tops and three different bottoms. I'm speechless, this box is already super cute. I saw this brand like a year ago and I saw they like a golf wear. They have super cute dresses like tennis square and I wanted to try those, but the weather is kind of cold and it's almost winter. So I'm here with the long sleeves.


I'm wearing medium on top, cuz I have a big bust. It's incredible, it's like a marshmallow type of material. It's pretty tight, but it's not super uncomfortably tight. And can you see this top, your boob looks nice, and even at the back is super nice. Honestly, your body looks super nice, this is the cutest set I've ever had. I just love this sports top. This was the first activewear that I didn't want to take it off. It's so comfortable like when you jump. It's very supportive as well. And then like this black area, your body looks super sleek.


And this top is the best workout-like long-sleeve top I've ever had in my entire life, your boobs look amazing and it's super supportive, it's not going to come off. Especially all the details, like if this is not a straight line when it's straight your body looks bigger, but this one makes your neckline look nice and your shoulder line looks beautiful. And it's very stretchy. This is not going to go up, so sometimes this type of top, when you stretch your body and this comes off is horrible. But this top has a super thick rubber here, so this one doesn't go up. Then these black leggings are always supercut. It's super marshmallowy and super airy and especially I love this V cut. It's just so cute. But I think I love medium better, cuz it's kind of more comfortable. I just love this top so much, I want to have all different colors. 


And I'm going to try this top, this looks hot. Honestly looks cute, it's like a black cat woman, and also I love this hole, make sure to grab it better. And it's good with these leggings. This one doesn't have a rubber thing, but also it's very tight in this area. I just love this workout set. Then the last thing that I wanted to show you is this bottom. So can you see this kind of super popular leggings? It's also really thick here and then this like a little cute style. I feel super long and tall and my legs look so sexy, don't you think? 


I hope you enjoy this video and I hope this was helpful. If you are looking for super cute and comfortable winter clothes, like fall or spring long-sleeved workout clothes, WISKII is a really good option. I love their products. 


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