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Lisa & Erika's Review: Elevate Your Workout Style with WISKII Activewear
The blogger is trying on WISKII’s sports bra and skirt

Lisa & Erika's Try-On Experience: Vibrant Workout Fashion with WISKII Activewear

Lisa & Erika: Today I do have a different video I have never ever ever ever ever talked about a tennis company ever in my life, but this is the tennis activewear brand that basically specializes in cute outfits like this, I know this is a little bit different from YouTube, their name is WISKII Active.

Let me read you WISKII activewear and what it's all about, Athleisure that truly blends technical fabrics with dashing trends, for you to look and feel incredible every play, everyday.
We are fitness fanatics, aspirational yogis, and tennis lovers. We surf, we freedive, we snowboard. Making sure you achieve personal bests with style is what we do.
Every piece is created from sketch to store with more than 4 fittings to ensure the quality and fit is absolutely perfect for you.Okay, so basically activewear company that specializes in making you look hot while you work out. 

Elegant and sweet dress

This is the first time I'm wearing this and I have on it's a toby-ish, brownie-ish ashy-ish cool, tone-ish dress, this CROSS BACK TENNIS DRESS does not have any bottoms, you will have to provide your own shorts underneath, it has padding in the move area, of course, this is the neckline, it goes up as this crosses in the back, it's incredibly compressive under over here, very compressive at the top,  this is a different style, it has a cloud-style cut, that's what a lot of their stuff actually has. I picked this one because I saw a lot of girls wearing it and I thought it was really pretty, they also come in a lot of different colors, so I was gonna pick a white one but I  just ended up going with this color,  because I thought it like a neutral color, it goes with everything.

cross back tennis dress

I love the fabric, I love what it is made out of, it feels very expensive. It flares out, I thought that was very nice because it adds a little bit of touch, it's cute, and it also makes my boobs look incredibly humongous,  but anyways talking about the fabric I  love it, you can wear this out casually.


Color blocked sports bra & High-waist a-line tennis skirt

All right we're back with the second look, this is a two-piece set, you do pay for these separately, it's the same material as the dress that I had on, so this is COLOR BLOCKED SPORTS BRA and this is HIGH-WAIST A-LINE TENNIS SKIRT, the skirt does have a little elastic right here, it fits perfectly. If their goal is to make you feel the sexiest you've ever been in your whole entire life then it's working.

color blocked sports bra

I mentioned that the dress did not have any pants underneath, these do have pants, so you're good there, you can kind of matte mix and match with different skirts, they do have different colors for the skirts but they do not have different colors for sports bras.


This is called the High Waist A-line Tennis Skirt, I did get it in a size small, they have about one two three four five six seven eight colors,   and the color that I got is called Almond Butter. So this is made out of Nylon and Lycra I've never heard of it before, so that's new to me, I  think this is a great gift for yourself if you play tennis or if you do yoga, or... 


Once again also I forgot to say that I actually love the sports bra because it's seamless, so it doesn't have any elastic in the bottom while I push this up here, you can take out the padding but I think that's the thing that's pushing my improvements up, that's why it's helping.

Final additions

Special thanks to blogger @Lisa & Erika for their authentic try-on experience. Lisa & Erika specialize in activewear reviews, regularly sharing their style insights. Feel inspired by their reviews and explore the WISKII activewear collection today!

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