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WISKII 리드 오프 스포츠 브라 | WISKII 액티브


리드 오프 스포츠 브라


트레이닝 및 스튜디오 운동을 위한 세련되고 통기성이 뛰어난 스포츠 브라.

• 모양을 살려주는 작은 구멍 디테일
• 가슴의 주름 장식
• 낮은 지지력
• 모델의 키는 5'8", 착용 사이즈는 M입니다.
• 색상: 민트, 라벤더
• 제품 코드: WS411

리넨 버튼업 셔츠와 청바지를 입고 스튜디오에서 거리로 나가보세요. Second-Skin 기술은 움직일 때 건조한 느낌을 유지하며 몰드 컵과 조절 가능한 클로저로 개인 맞춤형 핏을 제공합니다. 자신감이 보장되는 WISKII 스포츠 브라가 성능을 강화합니다.

  • 좋은 소식! 우리는 정상적으로 발송하고 있습니다
  • 99달러 이상 주문 시 전 세계 무료 배송
  • 14일 반품 정책
일반적인 치수는 사이즈 차트를 참조하세요.
WISKII 전문가와 상담하려면 이메일을 보내거나 온라인 채팅을 해주세요. 몸무게/신장/가슴둘레/허리둘레/엉덩이둘레와 구매를 원하시는 상품을 알려주시면 사이즈를 추천해 드립니다.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Support with amazing comfort.

I love how it merged with the skin and it has the right amount of padding. Could not recommend this enough.

Thomas A
Amazing fit and great supportive

I love this bra top! It's such a great support and a great look. True to size!

Great bra for yoga.

I purchased this in Mint, it pairs perfectly with high waisted leggings. It's so comfortable and breathable, I feel confident when wearing it in yoga classes, I would definitely recommend it.

Mary D.
Feel so confident

From today, I'm officially a big fan of halter tops! This halter sports bra makes me so luscious that other basic ones are apparently inferior. 💕🙈

Tiia Anttila
Very cute, surprisingly comfy!

I was a bit hesitant to order this, but I loved it so much that I decided to take a chance on it. I’m a 32D and in the process of losing weight/getting fit, so I was worried that I just wouldn’t be able to stuff myself into this, but it actually fits really well! I got a medium, and I would say that the fit is pretty accurate. I definitely have some cleavage in it, but the top of the bandeau has that sticky bra stuff on it so it stays grippy, and the wide part of the straps provides extra coverage. I’ve got really wide shoulders for a girl, so the cross neck doesn’t bother me at all. I also appreciate how low it comes on my rib cage, it makes it feel like a crop top rather than a sports bra. As a bustier person, I get self conscious about just wearing a sports bra with leggings because I don’t feel like I have enough coverage. I got the matching leggings and I really love the set!


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