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Reason for refusing the Collab from Influencer

1. Not collab as shipping unavaliable

Hi dear,your content is adroable, but I'm sorry to tell you that currently we cannot ship to your country for some reason, once it's avaliable, we would love to contact you for new opportunity.  

2. Not collab as campaign paused 

Hi dear, your content is adroable, sorry to tell you that our influencer campaign has ended and the quota is full, once we hold the new one, we would love to let you know it. 

3. Insights data of follower area are not our target customers

Hi dear, your content is adroable,sorry to tell you that as we checked your audiences' area isn't from our targeted customers, the collab application didn't pass by my leader. If there any new opportunity when we develop the marketing area, we'd love to contact you for the collab. 

4.Insights data cannot meet the standards of paid collab 

Hi dear,
Thank you for getting back/the card rate, (I can completely understand your paid requirements)
Your content is adorable, but I have checked your data on your social channel, sorry to tell you that according to our Influencer Collab Policy the data hasn't met our paid collab standards, thus my application for the budget couldn't be passed as the first collab.

But I really love your content and want to have a try with you. I'm confident that you will love our premium fabric. So you can select 2 sets of WISKII outfits worth around $300 and a 15% sales commission for the YouTube review with a 15% OFF promo code.

If the effect is good, I will definitely arrange the budget for the continual collab.
Be noted that WISKII is looking for a long-term partnership with influencers or content creators through the first collaboration for the continual marketing content, rather than once-off partners.

Let me know your thoughts,

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