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Sleek and Cozy: WISKII Fashion Review & Try-On Haul | WISKII Active
Sleek and Cozy: WISKII Fashion Review & Try-On Haul

Sleek and Cozy: WISKII Fashion Review & Try-On Haul

Julissa Pacheco: Hi friends, how are you today I hope you're having an amazing day. So for today's video as you can see by the title, I'm reviewing a new brand which is called WISKII, I discovered new brand and I have gotta say that this brand exceeded my expectations.

Let's start with the skirt, because I think that's actually my favorite piece as you can see, this is a beautiful skirt, the color is beautiful, the fit is beautiful and everything about it I love it! This is called the WISKII PLEATED SKIRTS and it is in the color Cinnamon which is a beautiful brown.


I love how flowy it is, I think the length is great, it looks so beautiful with a ton of different things when I had it on, I couldn't stop twirling it around, I love flowy, it has this detail on the front, it kind of like crosses over itself, it has two layers and I think that looks so beautiful and so flattering, and the best part I think about this skirt is that it has shorts, that is awesome you don't have to worry about showing anything.


This is the WISKII OPEN BACK LONG SLEEVE CROP TOP, I mean it's so beautiful, it's actually like unreal, how beautiful this top is, this is also in the color cinnamon. It's a beautiful top, it has a very high neck, and it also has scalloped edging, it's actually very comfortable and it wasn't bothering me at all, it also has that detail at the end of the sleeves which I think looks so cute! And the open back, I mean I love it! I am a fan of open back and this one is so cute with that scallop detail.

This is called the Beyond Denim Dess, it's beautiful! I don't have any other words to describe it, this is in the color Denim, honestly, the fabric is amazing, it's a very stretchy kind of like soft brushed fabric, and it's also so comfortable, as you can see in the top, this piece has kind of a round neck and a zipper in the middle which helps a lot.

It has shorts underneath, which is the best part ever, I love it! You don't have to worry about anything, you just put it on and you're ready to go and then the back it's just a regular racerback which I think it's very flattering and it looks awesome and then you have the branding again on the back that says WISKII and the gold letters I think this piece honestly a piece of art.

This is called the ONE SHOULDER LASER CUT SWIMSUIT and I think that's the best way to describe it, it's a laser cut, beautiful stretchy fabric, it has seams not on the edges but on the inside, but honestly like the cut of this swimsuit is so beautiful.

It has a one-shoulder detail with a little cut in the middle, I think that looks so cute and then it has kind of like the regular bottom with the cut in the stomach, kind of like to the side and on the edges, like all around the edges, it has kind of triangle detail, I think it looks so cute, it's a beautiful piece!

Yeah, l hope you enjoyed it, I honestly recommend this brand a thousand percent! They have amazing things, I honestly love every single piece they had, I love the fit, I love the styles, and beautiful!