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Trying WISKII activewear | Gorgeous High Quality Athleisure
Trying WISKII activewear | Gorgeous High Quality Athleisure

Trying WISKII activewear | Gorgeous High Quality Athleisure

I'm always on the lookout for stylish and comfortable workout wear like pieces that I can wear all day and feel cute in but that are still comfortable and functional enough to work out in. I think I found exactly what I've been searching for, this brand called WISKII Active. They have some of the most stunning athleisure wear pieces that I have ever tried now I have three outfits that they sent to me. Let's try them on and review them together. 

First I have the Crisscross Bra. I have this in the color Ivory. I'm wearing this in the size medium. This sports bra is pure elegance, look at this neckline with the scallop detailing is so unique. I feel so feminine and so girly in this top now. It does have this half-moon design, so it hugs my chest perfectly and it gives me great support. I have yet to work out in this but I'm so excited to wear this to do Pilates. The fabric is so soft, it's so breathable and I can already tell it's going to be so comfortable to work out. I was a little worried because when I was looking at their website and social media, you know all the girls look like supermodels, they're all very beautiful, very tall and slender. I'm a pretty average height, I'm around five. I have a little bit curvier kind of more athletic build, so I was like, you know these clothes they're so beautiful on these girls. But they look good on me and I have to say I am over the moon happy with how all of their pieces fit me. I feel so stylish and I feel so confident in this bra and I'm just so excited about wearing this bra and about wearing all of their outfits.

I paired the crisscross bra with the high-waist training leggings, also in the color ivory and I got these in the size small. These leggings are part of WISKII's nude sensation series, matter of fact all of the leggings in this video are part of that series. I truly feel like they live up to that name, this series has a four-way super stretch fabric, so it's comfortable. It fits like a glove, they are very well constructed, amazing quality with the seaming and the construction. Now these leggings have that high waist design. It sculpts and lifts in all the right places, plus the fabric is moisture-wicking, so it still will be good for those more intense sweat sessions as well.

Now next I have the Sweetheart Bra Tank in classic black, it's the one I'm wearing right now. I'm wearing it in the size medium. And from the front, you're probably thinking, like okay it's a pretty cute basic sports bra, but then you turn it around, like look at the back of this thing, it is so modern, it's so edgy. I fell in love with this bra strictly because of this back. It just adds a touch of glamour with the way it's designed. It has light to medium support, so it's perfect for Pilates. They have this beautiful gold logo and I feel like you can see it on the black fabric, so I just want to point this out because I just love their logo, it's elegant. And of itself and you know, this is where I feel WISKII they're just all about the details right, so even their packaging, it sort of gave me like goosebumps when I opened it these clothes arrived in this beautiful purple box. I opened it up it had this cute little slogan on it, so I just felt so special like opening it and even the tags on the clothes were beautiful.

Now to complete the outfit, I paired this one with their V-Waist Yoga Leggings. I have them on in a size small. The v-shaped waistline to me it's just super flattering, it's the type of cut that just really brings in the waist. It gives you that snatched look and just like my other WISKII leggings they just kind of fit like a second skin. So I feel like these will be able to move with me throughout my workouts again, just another great Pilates legging and I chose all of my leggings based on what will work well with my Pilates lifestyle. But I also think these would be great for yoga, I mean this one's obvious because it has the word yoga in its name, so that's a no-brainer. But you know usually when I see a pant made for yoga it's a pretty safe bet that it will also work well for Pilates. I also think that those are some of the best pieces for athleisure wear outfits because you know that they're going to be comfortable just for wearing throughout the day.  

Now let's talk about this mesh corset bra, I'm wearing this in the size medium. I got this in this gorgeous Taro Ice-cream color and when I saw this color I just had to have it, it's so feminine it's so girly. I think this is the first Taro activewear of mine, so I was just really excited to get it and this bra is a show-stopper the mesh, and the corset detailing. It gives a unique and beautiful look, it gives me those sorts of Pilates princess vibes. And the back again, it's just gorgeous. They do have removable pads, but they're slightly thicker than a lot of other activewear padding that I've seen. They're also pretty soft.

For the bottom of this outfit, I chose the 7/8 high waist Medano leggings in size small, now these leggings are perfect for free movement. I feel like they just kind of hug the curves, it looks flattering. It gives that hourglass look.