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WISKII ACTIVE TRY ON HAUL | Affordable & Trendy Athleisure Sets
WISKII ACTIVE TRY ON HAUL | Affordable & Trendy Athleisure Sets

WISKII ACTIVE TRY ON HAUL | Affordable & Trendy Athleisure Sets

Hey guys, what's up, welcome back to my channel. This video is dedicated to WISKII Active. WISKII is an athleisure brand that has truly mastered the sports glam aesthetic. Not only are their sets made out of soft quality fabrics seriously, they're so soft, but they also look like something you could wear to brunch. They're super trendy and affordable.

I am obsessed with this color. I'm so happy that they're doing a bright Barbie pink. This is the one-shoulder contour bra and you can see it has the logo in a gold foil on the back, but this fabric is super stretchy, it still has enough resistance to it to have good support. But I like the one-shoulder, this is not a bra that you can run in, just say it's one-shoulder like we need the extra support for that, but I could see myself wearing this on a coffee date or doing yoga or something like that. It's super comfortable and has this padding inside that is almost like a push-up. It does lift and kind of contour I see why they call it the contour bra.

It comes with a matching short, so this is the v waist vigorous short it has the v waist in the front which I always love. I think it's so flattering when it dips down because it tucks in your love handles and gives you that hourglass shape, it also has pockets on the side which I think is a great detail because I'm always setting my phone in random places or I bring my keys to the gym with me, and I need a place to put them that isn't going to interfere with my workout. I usually end up just putting it in my sports bra and then it gets sweaty or my keys get uncomfortable and poking me. I love the added pocket feature there.

This is the crouched sports bra and I love this design, it's super comfortable. Many brands have been doing this kind of design, but I like how WISKII put the keyhole in the back and has the foil logo on the back as well. I would wear this with jeans or I would wear this just like around the house. I just feel like I'm not wearing anything and it's still supportive enough. It is supportive enough to do a hit workout or Pilates or something this also has a push-up cup on the inside and all the cups are removable.

We have the v-waist yoga legging, so this again has the v-waist in the front. It's very stretchy, super buttery, and soft, it feels like a second skin. These don't have any pockets on the side, it's more of yoga leggings. It holds in and molds the tummy. So if you want a little extra tummy control, the v-waist yoga legging is your best.

This is an elegant corset sports bra. I feel like I would wear this to a bar or I would even like to wear this top out. It's just such a cute style and it lifts the girls and puts them together. It is so flattering and then to go with this I paired it with the v-waist utility leggings. It has a pocket on both sides. This definitely could be used for lifting a bar or something more strenuous. I love the the waistband on these leggings because I feel like this style in particular has a higher waist and it sucks you in the waist.