WISKII Leggings, Activewear, Athleisure Honest Review | First Impressions & Try On Haul

Hey guys, it's Misa, welcome back to my channel. This time it is a collaboration with the brand WISKII.

I got this top and it has built-in padding which is very nice because I hate wearing bras and it has an open back. You guys will see it because I'm gonna do a try-on.
For the bottoms, I got these leggings and they have the mesh on the side, so hopefully these look good.

And it feels good in terms of price, I do think that it's worth, it if you like the styles that they have. The material is very good, it is close to Lululemon's quality. I guess I can't say that because I don't know how well it'll last after a bunch of washes. But just after first impressions and trying it on for the first time, I do think that it's close to Lululemon in quality so it could be worth the price.

So the second outfit is like a jacket thing and then a skirt, so
there's no top but I feel like you don't need one or you could just wear any white top underneath. This is the skirt, I am 5'1, so this already looks like. It is flattering and there is a short underneath that it won't ride up when you walk.

And then as for the jacket, I'm really surprised that this fit me, considering it was a one-size thing. It's so comfortable and it looks good it cinches at the waist if you want it to.

Overall my impression of this brand is very nice, the shipping took quite a little bit because it is from overseas, so do keep that in mind if you order there. But in general, I'm like very very pleasantly surprised by the quality of everything and I love like how simplistic yet unique their styles are.