Stacy Rody: Girls, I gonna try on some really cute activewear for you. Very cute designs: got a little cross in the back, scalloped, and then this one is awesome with that deep V and two colors, so let's get right into this try on.

Welcome back to my channel today, I am so excited to try on WISKII activewear, it is beautifully made the attention to detail, it is impeccable, and the comfort and the design are. I mean look at this outfit, need I say more?They are hitting the nail on the head with the look and the feel of their workout set, so I'm going to show you three sets today.

Look at the back of this bra, it is so cute, I would say if you're in between sizes you can size up, I'm in a medium, but I definitely think I could wear a large as well, so order, however you think, you should. But this one comes in black and white and then I think maybe one other combo but I love this Almond Butter, I think it is gorgeous and I love the way that the black just smooths out all the lines that you want smoothed and gives the perfect detailing.



Let me show you the next look, this set may be my favorite, it's definitely a little softer than the last set, so I don't think you would need to size up in this one, and the last set I could have done a large easily in the pants and the top, but this one just fits perfectly. I love the V in the front, the little logo is cute, the detailing on just one leg, I think is very flattering, if it was on both legs, it could make this area look too wide, and we don't want that, and then look at the back on this one, look at like the cute, little detail on the back of the leg, there so this one you need to get, because I think it is gorgeous, who doesn't love a good black activwear set.

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This set is so good, it is so much better than I actually thought it would be, the scallop is even on the bottom edge. When I was putting on the pants, these feel a little tight, I'm not sure but when I got them all the way up, the wide panel feels amazing around my waist and they're perfect. I would say order true size, in this set the seams are very flattering, the material feels like it's lifting and just smoothing everything out. And then I love this neckline for my broad shoulders, I have very broad rib cage, so this just brings it all together and makes me feel beautiful and supported so that I could do any type of workout. It's compressed enough to wear it, it feels very secure, and then the back is adorable. I am a huge fan, I like this color, because it's got enough gray in it to bring out, it won't it wash me out, I could really wear Browns a lot.

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I'm very excited to bring this video to you today and happy shopping!