The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Styling Women Activewear in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Styling Women Activewear in 2024


  1. What is Activewear?
  2. Why Activewear is Everywhere
  3. How to Pick Stylish Activewear That Looks Great
  4. How to Mix and Match Activewear for Comfort and Style
  5. How to Style Your Activewear for Any Occasion Beyond the Gym
  6. Get Moving, Get Styling: Your Guide to Activewear Chic

Today's activewear goes beyond basic workout wear with bold, flattering styles perfect for the gym or just hanging out. This guide will teach you how to create versatile athletic outfits that suit your personal taste. We'll share tips on mixing and matching pieces to effortlessly transition from the gym to streetwear.

The goal is to build an active wardrobe blending style and comfort, so you can look and feel great whether you're exercising or running errands. You'll learn to choose pieces in figure-flattering colors and cuts that give you confidence and freedom to move. Follow our advice on curating athletic outfits that optimize both performance and an on-trend aesthetic.

What is Activewear?

Activewear refers to clothing designed and engineered for physical activity and an energetic way of life. This type of attire is characterized by a form-fitting construction that contours to the natural shape of the body. Activewear caters to individuals who prioritize an active regimen, while also providing the casual comfort needed for daily use.
The core activewear wardrobe includes:

  • Sports Bras - More than just an undergarment, sports bras can stand alone as a bold centerpiece of an athletic ensemble. They provide essential support and coverage during physical exertion.
  • Leggings - The versatile go-to pant, leggings seamlessly transition from morning workouts to evening relaxation. The supple stretch fabric allows for a full range of motion.
  • Crop Tops - These midriff-baring cropped tops infuse style into athletic looks. They synergize well with high-waisted bottoms for a modern, youthful aesthetic.
  • Sports Shorts - Essential for warmer weather training or high-intensity activity, shorts optimize mobility and ventilation. Breathable performance fabrics wick moisture during strenuous sessions.
  • Activewear Skirts - Blending femininity with function, active skirts allow free movement while adding a dash of flair. The lightweight materials maintain coverage through any routine.
  • Sports Dresses - Merging convenience with ingenuity, sports dresses provide a one-step outfit. The carefully engineered cuts flatter the figure while not restricting activity.
  • Activewear Jackets - Vital for cooler conditions, active jackets span windbreakers to insulation. Technical fabrics block wind and retain heat to combat chilliness.

Whether it's the sleek fit of a crop top or the playful swirl of a skirt, each element of activewear is about celebrating movement in style. They're the items that keep you looking sharp and feeling confident, no matter what's on the day's agenda.

Why Activewear is Everywhere

The Secret to a Great Shape

Activewear has this knack for making you look well put-together, like a personal stylist working magic. It gives you that sleek, defined shape that everyone's after without having to try too hard.

Crafting Athleisure Style for Every Occasion

Today's activewear blends fitness and fashion. Sports bras have bold crisscross straps. Tops and leggings feature asymmetric lines and mesh accents. Active dresses and skirts use graceful draping that flows from studio to street.

The mix of cut-outs, asymmetry and draping transforms activewear into runway style. The sleek silhouettes flatter while staying functional. Modern activewear fuses athletic ingenuity with high concept style for fashion that empowers active lifestyles.

Activewear takes you from workouts to hangouts and everywhere in between.
Activewear for Every Occasion: Sports Bra & Skirt & Jacket

It's All About Flexibility

Activewear isn't just for the gym-it fits right into your busy life. You can go from a spin class to running errands without ever needing an outfit change. Its ability to fit various situations with ease makes it a firm favorite for both activity and leisure.

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word

Activewear lets you show off your style with confidence. Whether you're into bold patterns or standout colors, these outfits let you say who you are without speaking.

Influenced by the Stars

Whenever a celebrity or influencer is spotted in the latest activewear trend, it catches on fast. They've helped turn these pieces into must-have items by showing us just how stylish and versatile they can be.

Fresh and Fun

There's a youthful vibe to activewear that feels energetic and carefree. Wearing it seems to communicate a lively spirit and an active lifestyle that's appealing at any age.

sportswear is youthful, energetic and carefree

Dressing with Purpose

Wearing activewear can do more than just make you look good; it can make you feel ready to take on anything, especially your fitness goals. It's like putting on your game face-it helps get your head in the game and boosts your drive to succeed.

How to Pick Stylish Activewear That Looks Great

Color: The Palette of Performance

Dressing in activewear isn't just about the fit-it's a canvas for self-expression.

  • Classics: Choose timeless shades like black leggings or white dresses that will always be in style. These colors effortlessly complement most skin tones.
Black and white are classic colors that never go out of style.
  • Neutrals: Sophisticated neutral hues like beige, tan, and ivory allow your activewear silhouette and design details to shine.
  • Brights: Vivid pink, green, blue, and orange pieces instantly energize your look. Let these flashy colors reflect your vibrant spirit.
Bright and vibrant colors can better reflect the spirit of the wearer.
  • Jewel Tones: Olive green, burgundy and similar deeper shades offer mood-enhancing sophistication.
  • Multi-Colored: Two-toned leggings, floral printed skirts, dresses with contrasting trim – pieces with multiple colors intricately mixed and matched add visual interest.
  • Seasonal Shades: Throughout the year different hues naturally resonate. Allow the current season to guide your color selections.

No matter which direction you choose – blend in neutrals or eye-catching brights, understated classics or multi-colored combinations – activewear hues let you express your signature style on the move.

Pattern: The Statement of Style

Patterns are like the secret spice blend of fashion-they add zest to any outfit. Take those python print leggings, for instance; their ivory and black shades weave a tale of sophistication while bringing an edge to your ensemble. Don't shy away from eye-catching designs like laser cut V-waist skirts, or play it cool with two-toned color leggings. Patterns carry an energy all their own-make sure yours matches the vibe you want to send out into the world.

Cut: Crafting Your Silhouette

The cut of your activewear shapes your entire look. A scalloped edge crop top adds a dash of whimsy, while a laser-cut zip dress hugs your form in all the right places. Consider the diamond-shaped cutout back on a sports bra, which not only dazzles visually but also offers a unique twist to a traditional silhouette. Each cut provides a different frame for your body, so choose one that showcases your best features.

The cut of activewear shapes the entire look

Design: Details that Delight

Design details transform simple activewear into standout pieces. Picture the multiple spaghetti straps on a criss-cross front sports bra, or the peek-a-boo style of leggings that subtly reveal just enough. Imagine slipping into a long sleeve crop top with thumbholes, merging coziness with cutting-edge fashion. These thoughtful touches are the difference between basic and breathtaking.

Design details like crisscross add a chic touch to your style.

Style: Your Fashion Fingerprint

Your style is your signature-it's how you stamp your identity onto the clothes you wear. Whether it's the athletic flair of a varsity tennis skirt or the urban chic of a faux leather long sleeve ruched bra, let your activewear be an extension of your personality. Mix and match a twist-front cropped tee with high-waist sports shorts to create a look that's uniquely you.

Texture: Touchable Trends

Texture brings an outfit to life. Feel the smoothness of a faux leather crop top, or the snug comfort of a knit long skirt. These textures aren't just tactile-they visually enhance your outfit, adding layers of interest that draw the eye and invite touch. And when you opt for materials like super stretch denim, you're embracing both a pleasing feel and a contemporary appearance.

Fit: The Foundation of Fashion

At the core of stylish activewear is the fit. It's what makes a cross-back sports bra feel like a second skin or allows a pair of biker shorts to move with you as if they were tailored to your every curve. The perfect fit means confidence in motion-a seamless harmony between your clothing and your body. Whether it's the snug embrace of a high-rise legging or the relaxed drape of an oversized jacket, ensuring the right fit is paramount.

At the core of stylish activewear is the fit

Selecting stylish activewear is about celebrating the diverse array of choices before you. It's about finding just the right combination of color, pattern, cut, design, style, texture, and fit to reflect who you are-and who you aspire to be-while you're on the move. With these guidelines, you're well on your way to curating an activewear wardrobe that looks as great as it feels.

How to Mix and Match Activewear for Comfort and Style

Activewear is all about flexibility-not just in the stretch of fabric but also in how you can pair different items together. Here's your playbook on how to blend comfort with style effortlessly:

Start with the Basics

Begin constructing your look with foundational pieces. A classic black V-neck sports bra or simple white racerback can act as the cornerstone of your outfit. Pair these with neutral leggings-like the high-rise option or a subtle ivory color python print-for an understated yet elegant canvas.

Add Layers

Layering isn't just practical-it's stylish. A mesh upper long sleeve crop top over your sports bra adds depth to your outfit and can be easily removed as you heat up. Or throw on an oversized jacket or full zip hoodie over a strappy one-shoulder sports bra for an intriguing contrast that also allows you to adjust to changing temperatures.

Play with Colors and Patterns

Use colors and patterns to inject some personality. The bright pop of an orange 2-way zipper jacket can energize a monochrome ensemble, while a pair of leggings with eyelet cut-outs bring playful sophistication. Don't be afraid to mix a patterned piece, like the blossom A-line skirt, with a solid color top for an outfit that makes a statement.

Balance Proportions

To achieve a harmonious look, weigh your proportions. Combine fitted pieces like biker shorts or V-waist flare leggings with looser items such as an oversized jacket or a mini sweat skirt. This approach ensures comfort without sacrificing silhouette definition.

@zoebrossy wears in the Bergamotto Mix Set.

Match Sets

For those days when you want a no-fuss outfit that still looks put-together, consider activewear sets. A coordinated sports dress or a cross-back tennis dress paired with its matching sun protection advantage skirt offers a cohesive look that's stylishly effortless. These sets are great on their own and can be broken up to work with other separates too.

Rotate Footwear

The right shoes can dial up the functionality of your outfit while accentuating its style. For instance, sleek running shoes complement high-waisted sweat shorts for an active day, while a trendy sneaker might be more suitable with a long skirt for a casual outing. Always align your footwear with both the demands of your activity and the overall vibe of your look.

Remember, mixing and matching activewear is an art form that celebrates personal expression. By starting with basic neutrals, layering for complexity, playing with colors and patterns, balancing proportions, opting for matched sets, and selecting the right footwear, you're guaranteed to create ensembles that are as unique and dynamic as your lifestyle.

How to Style Your Activewear for Any Occasion Beyond the Gym

Activewear isn't just for the treadmill or the yoga mat anymore. It's made its way into coffee shops, casual offices, and even social gatherings. Here's your guide to rocking those comfy pieces no matter where you're headed.

From Workout to Hangout

Imagine you've just finished a session at the gym, and now you're off to meet friends. Slip on a black knit long skirt, and you've instantly added a touch of sophistication. Swap the sports bra for an asymmetrical neckline long sleeve crop top, and just like that, you look café-chic.

@oksana_losovskaya stretching in the Mirto Knit Set in ivory.

The Comfort of Loungewear with a Twist

Lounging at home doesn't mean style takes a back seat. Pair a scallop off-shoulder long sleeve crop top with high-waist A-line tennis skirts for a look that's equal parts comfortable and cute. Add an oversized jacket if there's a chill in the air, and you're ready for a relaxed brunch or a movie night.

Activewear can also be very comfortable and suitable for wearing at home.

Work Attire Reimagined

Who says you can't be comfortable at work? The trick is in choosing pieces that are smart and stylish. A laser-cut zip dress gives you a polished look without compromising comfort. Throw on a 2-way zipper jacket for a professional touch, and you're boardroom-ready.

Influencer-Inspired Ensembles

Celebrities and influencers are often seen donning activewear for all kinds of events, setting trends as they go. Take a page from their book: mix a cross-back tennis dress with a cropped hoodie jacket for an ensemble that whispers casual cool. Or pair a laser-cut zip dress with an open back with your favorite accessories for a look that's fit for an influencer.

The key here is to understand that activewear has evolved. It's about blending style and comfort, something that influencers have down to an art. With these tips and your own sense of style, you'll be turning heads whether you're at the gym, grabbing a latte, or leading a meeting.

Get Moving, Get Styling: Your Guide to Activewear Chic

Let's get down to it: activewear isn't just for the gym-it's your day-to-day secret weapon. Whether you're channeling the sporty chic of an influencer or aiming for the laid-back vibe of a post-yoga session turned coffee run, activewear meets you where you are-energized, comfortable, and ready for anything. So take these tips, mix in your unique flair, and let your activewear collection lift you from ordinary to extraordinary in every move you make. This is more than just clothes-it's your confidence on display.

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