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Dos and Don'ts: What to Wear for your Yoga Class?

Dos and Don'ts: What to Wear for your Yoga Class?


  1. Criteria in Choosing the Yoga Clothes
  2. What To Wear
  3. Do's and Don'ts
  4. Bottom Line

Yoga is a popular fitness exercise that is challenging. It requires movement and flexibility. For this reason, you need to wear yoga clothes that are high-quality and can give support. You should also buy clothing that is breathable, flexible, and comfortable. If not, moving or creating yoga poses will be difficult since they will be uncomfortable or too tight.

The choice of your yoga clothes will depend on your style, personal preferences, and the type of yoga you will practice. However, the information below will discuss what and what not to wear for your yoga class. At the same time, how WISKII products will meet these criteria, so keep reading!

A model wearing black yoga attire while performing yoga poses

Criteria in Choosing the Yoga Clothes

The right yoga clothes should contain the proper materials. In wiskiiactive yoga collection, the materials used for yoga clothes are spandex, nylon, and polyester. This material is ideal for three reasons: they provide breathability, flexibility, and comfort.


You might move a lot or do hard yoga poses. You may sweat a little or a lot, depending on your yoga session. Wearing lightweight, breathable, and moisture-proof materials will keep you comfortable and fresh, especially if you're sweating a lot. The clothing style will also help you boost air circulation and perspiration. For instance you can choose tank tops, yoga pants with mesh, crop tops, and cutout tops.


Yoga includes stretching, bending, rolling, reaching, and other flexible movements. With the demands of these movements, your clothing should have at least 15% spandex.


Nothing is worse than doing yoga when you are wearing uncomfortable and loose clothing. You want to avoid getting yoga clothes with itchy seams, loose ends, and saggy or too-tight waistbands, limiting your movement and irritating your body.

The most important aspect of yoga attire is comfort.

What To Wear

Yoga Top

One of the favorite outfits for yoga class of most yogis is a fitted top that hugs their waist and hips comfortably. Regardless of the design of the shirt, these yoga enthusiasts like form-fitting tops such as t-shirts and tank tops. The reason for this is simple, because of its fit, the top will not slip off your head when you are bending forward or doing hard poses.

In addition, sleeveless tops with soft seams, breathable fabric, and moisture-wicking capabilities are best for a sweaty and hard session.For example, the Meli Crop Top with sweat-wicking fabric can effectively achieve this effect. There are also specific fabrics that are not suited for yoga tops, such as cotton, itchy tags, or rub in the armpit. And if you are choosing a yoga top, bend and check if there are gaps in the chest and hang it over your head.

Yoga Pants

Yoga clothing offers a wide range of yoga pants or leggings designed in different lengths and fits. Good yoga pants are a must-have since they ease your muscles without being constrictive. Yoga leggings or pants should also attain the characteristics: of being breathable, comfortable, flexible, and good support.

The model is showcasing purple yoga attire.

Different fabric types, such as nylon, synthetic fibers, polyester, and spandex, are suitable for yoga pants because they move along your body. These fabrics also wick away moisture. Additionally, if you are worried about the coverage when you bend or stretch, then, you have to choose high-waist pants or leggings.

The fit of the pants does matter. For instance, a high waist style will not slip fast during a fast movement or downward poses. Loose-fitting pants can also be a good option for slower, restorative, or yin yoga classes since they can limit movement.

In line with these qualities, consider WISKII's V-WAIST YOGA LEGGING. These leggings boast exceptional elasticity, strong support, and provide the flexibility and comfort needed for your yoga practice

Sports Bra

For women, the bra size and coverage level matter when doing yoga. The coverage level should be high in high-intensity yoga classes like Vinyasa. You will expect you will be moving, twisting, and inverting a lot. Low-level support would be fine in low-intensity classes like restorative yoga or yin. In sweatier and heavy classes, the sports bra should include a tank top, T-shirt, or cover-up with it.

For example, this dreamy cutout yoga bra by WISKII is made of Nylon and LYCRA® Spandex materials, offering excellent breathability and exceptional comfort, along with moisture-wicking properties, to enhance your experience during workouts.

women's sports bra

Yoga Shorts

Yoga shorts are more comfortable and breathable than yoga pants or leggings. This style is best when the yoga session involves lots of heat and sweat. However, yoga shorts should attain various characteristics. For instance, it should have a built-in liner supporting the lower body when doing flexibility and stretching.

At the same time, you should consider the style. Longer yoga shorts that reach the knee is a big help with coverage. Spandex shorts, see-through, saggy, and cotton shorts should be avoided. Spandex shorts can be hard to wear since they don't offer coverage during challenging poses.

See-through shorts should also be avoided, because your body will get too exposed, and it can malfunction throughout the event. Saggy or made of cotton materials can be too heavy to wear, and it will limit your moves, especially the hard ones.

As a seller of women's activewear under the brand WISKII, our yoga shorts are specially crafted to enhance and sculpt, supporting every movement you make. Featuring flatlock seams for added comfort and moisture-wicking properties, they ensure you stay dry and comfortable throughout your practice.


Do's and Don'ts

Wiskii is one of the best yoga brands for your clothing outfits. They will satisfy all the checklists for your yoga class outfit.


  • Wear something comfortable, breathable, and flexible
  • Pay attention to the function of the yoga apparel
  • Consider the clothes your wear under your yoga clothes
  • Consider adding layers to your outfit depending on the weather
  • Choose whether a loose fit or too tight fit would be better for you


  • Don't wear too tight clothes, making you unable to move freely.
  • Don't choose cotton or too-thick fabrics
  • Avoid any excessive jewelry
  • Avoid big jackets not meant for yoga
  • Don't wear a skirt unless there is a short attached or it is lightweight
Choosing the right yoga attire is crucial for a workout.

Bottom Line

Doing yoga with the perfect yoga attire gives you a wide range of benefits. Whatever kind of pose or movement you will do, you will not worry about anything. In WISKII, you can have the perfect outfit that is functional yet stylish. Hope this article guides you in choosing the best clothing. If it does, you can browse through wiskiiactive options and become a wiskii ambassador!

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