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Exploring Activewear Trends: Nature, Culture, and Luxury Fusion
Who will decide the future of Athleisure?

Who will decide the future of Athleisure?

A revolution of Activewear is in progress here and now.




Nature inspires activewear sector, focusing on natural function and environmentally thoughtful processes. The focus is to be aware of the environmental impact in the manufacturing process.

Eco-friendly manufacturing processes are taking steps to reduce waste, reuse and recycle. Awareness of reducing water waste and carbon emissions is important to the production process.

Water saving, eco and natural dyes aim to reduce water use and the impact on the environment. Water-free dyeing technology continues to evolve, allowing possibilities to use less chemicals and more natural minerals, vegetables and botanicals.

New innovations generate natural additives, infusing into yarns and fabrics for high functional performance, softer touch and nude sensation. There are less chemicals used for coatings and treatments, being replaced with natural alternatives such as mineral and wellness infusions.

Moreover, nature has been a steady source of colors and designs. Flounce, feathers, flowers, grass, and colors like rose, coral, grape, redwood are all examples of how nature reward us human beings. Some natural lovers might say that a piece of cloth without natural elements is nothing but a piece of dead fabric. WISKII just launched its flounce collection that painted with vivid colors from food, fruits, animals, flowers, and natural landscape, telling the story of colors and nature to decorate our workout routines.

Model shows off elegant sportswear outdoors, embodying natural beauty

Angel Sports Bra + Sandwich Leggings




This season sees the revival of racing as consumers will covet overtly sporty looks in a fashion setting. Drawing inspiration from sports sponsorship, brands are using racing graphics by splicing oversized numbers and typography for a striking athletic look. Or opt for all-over repeats with a streetwear vibe. Retro tracksuits, jackets and unisex tees are important in this story. Red is the predominant colour, use on solid colour separates or splice with black, white and orange for a dramatic look with gym-to-street appeal.



As the boundaries between performance and fashion are completely eroded, athleisure styles are receiving a luxury update, with a focus on premium cuts and elevated fabrications. 

Combine lustrous satins and sheer mesh to create an interplay of contrasting textures. Gym-to-street styles use soft draping and accordion pleating to accentuate form. Soft neutral tones, metallic sheens and lustrous finishes add to the ath-luxe feel whilst creating a sense of movement. For stretch base layers opt for diffused sheens in all-over or panelled renditions.

Comfortable activewear available in two styles

Victory Sports Bra + Training Mesh Leggings  

Python Dynamic Sports Bra + Python High Waist Leggings



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