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Wiskii Activewear Haul & Review From Eunikay | Cute Workout Sets & Athleisure Outfits
A Very Wavy WISKII Active Try-on Haul

A Very Wavy WISKII Active Try-on Haul

Hi guys, today I'm gonna collaborate with the new shop, it's called WISKII and they have just the cutest athleisure wear. I'm super excited to be working with them.

This is a beautiful set, so I got this in the flare leggings and this is one of the different styles of ripple sports bra. But I think it's beautiful, it's a moldable flexible fabric, so it doesn't feel like squeezing you in. I love that about this, it just feels secure, this is not adjustable by the way. In terms of length, it is so flexible like I think. The whole purpose of this sports bra is also not only to make you feel secure but also to push up your boobies. Honestly, I'm in love with this splinter. I want the flare in every color because it just fits so beautifully, it's super flattering, and it's not a super thick fabric. They have a lot of beautiful autumn colors as well, so I would suggest that you check it out.

This is the beautiful white square neck sports bra I'm just absolutely in love with this cutout, it's so feminine it's so cute, and just flattering. I'm personally a super big fan of the square sports bra because I think it just looks flattering shows off your neck area, and makes it more elongated in a way. They stick with the same fabric, so it's all extremely flexible, and extremely stretchy, like it does mold to your body. It makes you look super fit and put together, so I love it. And this also comes in so many different colors. They come in beautiful muted like autumn and winter sort of colors like the terracotta color that I liked.

I would say both the white leggings and I just feel like in general all of these are pretty like mid-coverage. When it comes to squat tests, especially with the white. I would just say don't go for super dark underwear or super bright underwear.

For this really cute knit set, I love the way this knit set doesn't dig into you again. I was really worried about looking like a sausage, like being squished into something. It has a nice length to it. I'm the type that likes it to be more fitting to my body side and like it doesn't scrunch up weirdly either. And it has a simple zip-up, super flattering. I'm wearing it with the bra underneath, but it looks beautiful, nothing shows, no nip slips or anything. If you just wear it by itself, it's pretty secure. I have no bad words to say about it, it's just super beautiful, so I would recommend this.

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