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WISKII Activewear Try-On Review by Chelsea Nichole
Chelsea Nichole shows off comfy sweatsuits

WISKII Activewear Review: Stunning Outfits Tried and Tested by Chelsea Nichole


Chelsea Nichole: Hello sweet friends, today I will be sharing a couple of outfits with you guys from WISKII Activewear, thank you so much that WISKII activewear for sending over these items for me to try on and share with you guys my honest and good opinion.

Fashionable casual knitted suit

I love how fresh and airy it is, so delicate and effortlessly feminine, I love easy simple lines cut details. So these first two pieces actually come as a set, you do not pay for them separately, they look so bloody cute.

The Sunshine Knit Set, I ordered them in a size small and they're tiny teeny tiny, but rest assured that this knit material does in fact stretch. This pretty long sleeve knit crop top comes with a hood which is a little bit cute, and I feel that you can use this as a really comfy cozy sleepwear set. The shorts are tiny but they stretch. It also comes in a light lavender purple, I took this one in the color misty grey.

Sunshine Knit Set

Elegant sculpting sports suit

The next set (VICTORY SPORTS BRA & TRAINING MESH LEGGINGS), I put it together myself, you do not buy these together as one unit. I have a size medium and fits like an absolute glove, it just hugs me in perfectly, I feel like if I would have sized down to a small it just would have been too small I would have been spilling out.

Model shows off black Elegant sculpting sports suit

Vintage gray jumpsuit

I had a hot pink thong underneath, you didn't see anything, they cover you up, and I'm fine with it. WISKII Active has a denim collection that actually isn't denim but it looks like denim in the form of activewear that you can wear casually, or you can take to the gym exercise classes.

It's (BEYOND VINTAGE GREY ROMPER) gonna look good on my body and I have to say I was not disappointed, so this is the beyond vintage denim romper. It is so beautiful. Honestly, I love to wear them, but this is a super stretch, it is comfy, and it's going to allow you to breathe, but yet still tight enough to hold your body in that you're not spilling out. You're comfortable once you zip the zipper up on the front of this romper, everything looks amazing.

Model showing off retro denim jumpsuit

WISKII website is pretty much true to size, not necessary to size up or size down get the size that usually fits you the size that you usually purchase and you'll have no problems.

Final summary

Special thanks to Chelsea Nichole (@Chelsea Nichole) for sharing her genuine try-on reviews of WISKII Activewear. Chelsea is a lifestyle fashion reviewer who offers valuable insights. Feel free to refer to Chelsea's reviews when considering purchasing WISKII.

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