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WISKII Active Try-On Review: Stylish & Comfortable Workout Sets
Louise Barnard shows off three outfits she is about to try on

Louise Barnard's WISKII Active Try-On: Dive into Luxurious Comfort and Style

Today we are doing a video with WISKII Active. I am obsessed I didn't think that I could get better than a brand like Lululemon or Alo with the buttery soft feeling. But this brand, I'm not even joking, it's so soft, so comfortable that I want it for all my activewear, like I am replacing all of my activewear with this brand and I'm wearing it right now. So you guys can see it just has like super cutesy like girly designs, but also like it can be used just like activewear. It can also be used like, oh I'm going to grab a coffee. I'm so happy I stumbled across this brand, so I'm going to show you guys what they sent me.

 Elegant Belair Blue Suit

The first set(DYNAMIC ONE SHOULDER SPORTS BRA & HIGH-WAIST SCULPTING BIKER SHORT) I'm going to show you is this baby blue scalloped kind of set. This color I just am in love with this. I have blue eyes so anything baby blue I just think makes my eyes pop. Honestly, you can wear baby blue all year round, it's definitely like a timeless color. Also, I will say that the padding and support are nice. It has a push-up cup which I love because when I'm working out, I want all the support I can get. It's almost like a neoprene fabric, it's super super tight and has a lot of support. It has a matching set, so it has matching shorts like this.

Louise Barnard tries on a light blue sports bra and shorts

Soft moisture wicking set

Next(STRAPPY BACK SPORTS BRA & TRAINING MESH LEGGINGS), we have this kind of almond butter color and this is super super cute, like the back has this kind of lace-up bag which I think is so flattering. You guys can see the logo is just in gold, it looks very nice and expensive. The straps are super stretchy. I cannot express how buttery this fabric is. It just feels so cold and buttery and that's exactly how I want to feel when I'm working out. It just seems like it has this kind of cooling effect on you and is something you want when you're hot and sweaty.

Louise Barnard showing off almond cream sports bra

So the bottoms that match with that are these bottoms(TRAINING MESH LEGGINGS), the same color almond butter. I am obsessed with this color especially because I have brown hair now. There's a little overlap detail in the front which I think can be flattering because it kind of conceals any hip dips. The detail I love about these pants is the mesh on the leg. I think that's a new trend that nobody's talking about.

Louise Barnard shows off an almond cream sports bra and leggings

Comfortable and seamless set

This is a seamless collection(SEAMLESS OPEN BACK CROP TOP & BUTTERY SEAMLESS LEGGING). I mean for the most part it's like stretchy ribbed fabric, this is a different fabric than the other one. So this is more what I usually see activewear made out of it has a thumb hole. When I'm lifting or something like that I always get blisters on my hands, so I like it when they have a thumb hole. The back of this is open so this kind of goes around your neck and then the whole back is open and I like this design.

Louise Barnard shows off white comfort suit

Louise Barnard shows off white comfort suit

Highly elastic black soft suit

I would recommend next, we have this black set (KONO LONG SLEEVE CROP TOP & IMPACT HIGH-WAIST LEGGINGS). This is one of my favorites, it's super buttery soft fabric, super stretchy. The front has these little keyholes and I just think that's adorable the back also has the keyholes. I think it's perfect for fall or if you're just like traveling or wearing it to yoga class. This is a kind of athleisure vibe. For the bottom, they have the same detail in the leg. I am just in love with this set again. It's so buttery soft, and comfortable. 

Louise Barnard shows off a black classic sports suit

Special thanks to fashion blogger @Louise Barnard for her genuine try-on experience. Louise Barnard, a prominent style influencer, regularly shares invaluable fashion insights. Check out her review and consider exploring the WISKII activewear collection based on her recommendations. Happy shopping!

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