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WISKII Activewear Review: Elifestyle's Stylish Try-On and Insights

Elifestyle: Hi, welcome back to my Channel. Today I'm going to be doing a review on a brand called WISKII, their clothing is super cute what they sell is athleisure wear as Hoodies, Jackets, Leggings, Sports Bras also Swimwear. They have a bunch of different clothing on the website you can check it out.

Stylish Dawn-Colored Activewear Set with Crisscross Details

Let's see the first item I got was a pair of Training Mesh Leggings. I love this color Dawn. What's cool about this one is the legging has that V shape and then it kind of has that Crisscross Cut at the top. It is super buttery soft and breathable, it's high-waisted and it's supposed to reach your ankle, I am around five three, hopefully it reaches my ankle.

Elifestyle is showing you the V-shaped waist design details of Training Mesh Leggings
Elifestyle is showing you light blue Training Mesh Leggings.
The next one that I got was a bra (STRAPPY BACK SPORTS BRA) in the same color, it has that Crisscross Backing which is super cute and it also comes with removable padding. That's supposed to be medium support, so the padding I can feel it's kind of like push-up padding and it's thick, so it's not that typical kind of thin layered support padding, this has some good padding to it that can probably lift and cleavage as well, okay this is the Dawn colored sports set and I'm in love with this color.
Elifestyle is showing you the cross design details on the back of STRAPPY BACK SPORTS BRA
Elifestyle is showing you the light blue STRAPPY BACK SPORTS BRA


Chic Almond Butter A-Line Skirt Set 

The next set that I got is this cute A-line skirt it is in the Almond Butter color and it is high-waisted, what I love about it is it comes with inner shorts. I got them in a size small and I would say. In particular, it is true to size so with the matching skirt it is so cute, this is the set in Almond Butter I find this so cute.

Elifestyle is showing you the lining design of HIGH-WAIST A-LINE TENNIS SKIRT
Elifestyle is showing you the back of HIGH-WAIST A-LINE TENNIS SKIRT
The matching top (COLOR BLOCKED SPORTS BRA) is super cute when I saw it, I was like oh my gosh, I have to have it. It has padding already inside, it is removable as well and it is supposed to have medium to high support. Compared to the first sports bra, it has a little bit more padding I've tried it on already and it's super flattering, so it doesn't kind of have that seeping through the sides it just kind of like makes your whole upper body look great.
Elifestyle is showing you how to match an A-line skirt with a sports top
Elifestyle is showing you how to match an A-line skirt with a sports top


Special thanks to video blogger @elifestyle for her genuine try-on review of WISKII activewear. Known for her expertise in fashion apparel reviews, she provides insightful perspectives on styling. Feel free to check out her review for guidance on purchasing athletic wear.

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