WISKII Activewear Try-On By Brandy G|Stylish and Comfortable

WISKII Activewear Try-On By Brandy G|Stylish and Comfortable

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. I am doing a new try-on haul today which I'm super excited about because it's one of my favorite brands which is WISKII

Black Stylish Comfortable Activewear Set

Let's get started. This is the first look, isn't it so cute. One thing that I love about WISKII is the fact that you can wear these clothes anywhere because they're so cute. I love the open back, now we have laser-cut holes all over this set, so we have it up here around here and around the neck. It is also on the skirt as well and one thing that I love about this skirt(V-waist laser cut tennis skirt) is the cut of it and how it goes in making our waist look smaller. It's so cute. We also have the booty shorts. I don't know what it is about people not wanting to put pockets on girls' clothing, but we have amazing pockets, that's awesome.


Brandy G is showcasing a black sports skirt set.



Brandy G is showcasing a black sports skirt with pockets on the lining.
Let's see the bra(High neck laser cut leisure bra), it is feeling pretty supportive. I do feel like I could jump into this. I feel like I could do some high-intensity training in this. My girls are pretty big, so that's impressive. It does have this nice little padded cup in here. I do feel like it is giving me a little oomph. We love that anyway, this is super cute. 


Brandy G is showcasing the intricate cut-out design details on the back of the black sports bra.
Highly elastic shaping sportswear set

Let's start with the short(V-waist vigorous short). I got size medium in all of the pieces. These shorts do feel a little bit tight putting them on, but I'm not mad at it. I feel like it's gonna stay in the right location. Now we also have the v-cut once again which is just so flattering and two pockets. It's really deep pockets. The material feels nice, really thick, it's not see-through. I cannot see my fingers underneath there, so that's super nice.


Brandy G is showcasing a blue yoga set, she looks very happy.
Now we have the top(wiskii ruched sports bra). We have the same types of pads in this sports bra as the last one which are thick. It's an interesting shape I thought this would have like you know some kind of underwire on it, but it doesn't and it's holding the shape well. That's pretty cool. Let's go to the back, this keyhole is so cute, it's super adorable. This is the final fit, I love it, it's so cute. It's giving tennis girl, but I will probably wear it golfing. The back is great because while I'm outdoors, I'll have a free range of movements.


Brandy G is showcasing the cut-out design on the back of the blue yoga bra.
Fashion and sexy sports set

And this skirt(Varsity tennis skirt) is so cute. It's kind of schoolgirl-ish with the stripe at the bottom and the pleating does have a zipper on the side. The material is a little bit less stretchy that's why it's a different material altogether, but it does still have some stretch to it and the shorts are their normal material and feel soft. These are their normal material shorts, and once again passes the bounce test.


Brandy G is showcasing a white tennis sport set.
Everything feels very supported, it's once again having that thicker padding in here. You can kind of see the outline of it, it's giving me a little bit of cleavage which I feel like it's making my boobs one size bigger and rounder. The collar is adorable and once again I feel like I could just wear this casually out.



Brandy G is showcasing the exquisite design on the back of the white tennis sport set.
First and foremost, we would like to extend our gratitude to Brandy G for bringing us this edition of sportswear try-on reviews.
Brandy G is a fashion blogger who specializes in trying on and reviewing sports bras and skirts, offering her unique perspective on clothing selection. In the video, she showcases various stylish sportswear sets, highlighting their exquisite designs and comfort. If you are unsure about choosing sportswear, consider her recommendations.


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