WISKII Activewear Review By Sequins & Satin: Discover Quality, Comfort

WISKII Activewear Review By Sequins & Satin: Discover Quality, Comfort

Sequins & Satin: Hello and welcome back, this one is an activewear brand called WISKII, I'm not exactly sure how to say it but obviously, I am very excited for this video, so let's see what we got. First of all, the packaging is super cute obviously a good design.

Soft and Stretchy Cinnamon-colored Sportswear Set

So firstly, this is a little sports bra(twist-front everyday bra). I thought this color was so perfect for the fall time. I just love this kind of Cinnamon color, it's got the design at the front which is very flattering and then it has removable padding so you can keep it in or take it out, and then the back has this keyhole design, a very open back super cute definitely a great option if you want some cute workout wear. I love the material of this, it's very soft and very stretchy.

Sequins Satin showcasing a cinnamon-colored sportswear set.
Next up we have the matching pants(v-waist flare legging) for the sports bra. These were a flare design which is my personal favorite, this kind of cross waist design is very trendy and very flattering, they definitely make your waist look extra small and then these are super stretchy and very high quality, looks like they're going to be the perfect length on me and then just like the sports bra, it has the little logo on the back here, super cute and it does have some seams on the back which just makes it even more flattering.
Sequins Satin showcasing a cinnamon-colored sportswear set.


Delicate and Sensual Comfortable Activewear Set

The next item is the skirt(WISKII lite pleated skirts) that I got, not only do they have like super cute activewear leggings and sports bras but they also have skirts. You could always just wear them on a daily basis. So I'm very excited l got this cute little black skirt and it has this kind of overlay design which I think is very cute, very flowy and free kind of vibe. It has black shorts underneath, so basically it feels like you're just wearing shorts. This one is a very stretchy material as well which is always good and it can fit all different body types.

Sequins Satin displaying a black pleated skirt.
So this is a Long Sleeve Top, I believe that I got to go with the skirt. I thought this one was really cute because you could wear it as a sports bra but it also just looks like a regular top, so you could just wear it with jeans and sneakers on just a regular day. It has the logo on the inside, it look like a regular everyday top. I thought this kind of sweetheart neckline is just so cute and very flattering and then this one also has removable padding so you could keep it in or take it out. Whatever you want that makes it a great option.
Sequins Satin is showcasing a black long sleeve crop top.
What I love about this brand is that they have a bunch of different options for pants, skirts, sports bras, long sleeve tops, and they all kind of mix and match so you could get these pants with a different bra in the same color or you could get the sports bra with a skirt in the same. So I think that's always a great option because if you want to buy more pieces in the future, you can just match them to the ones you already have, of course, with any matching sets you can wear them together but you could also wear them separately, so it just makes for so many different outfit options.

"Thank you to Sequins & Satin for their respective try-on and authentic reviews of  WISKII sportswear.

Sequins & Satin is a fashion blogger dedicated to clothing reviews, with profound insights into dressing and styling. In the video, she mentioned that her favorite aspect of WISKII sportswear is its wide variety, offering many styling options. If you are looking for fashionable and versatile sportswear, Sequins & Satin's recommendation is an excellent choice.


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