Is It Time to Upgrade Your Athleticwear? | WISKII Review Try-on Realness!

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Athleticwear? | WISKII Review Try-on Realness!

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Karina and today I have a very exciting review for you guys. It's going to be WISKII. WISKII is a loungewear brand and athletic wear brand. They also do some cool swimwear, but I primarily stuck to the leggings and bras. Overall, from a first glance when I opened the box, it seemed very high quality and the fabric is so buttery soft. That was the first thing I noticed when I opened the box.

So for the first set, I'm going to talk about it's the one I'm wearing right now. The first one is so adorable, it's probably my favorite. I do love all the details on this one. It looks simple but there are so many little details that make such a huge difference. First, the top has built-in padding with ruching down the middle which gives you a nice chest situation here. I have a smaller chest so I love this detail it has kind of like an off-the-shoulder going on and then it has these cute little thumb holes. Also, we have this um basically border-like contouring that's gonna send you in really well.

And then for the legs, I'm going to show you guys in the video up close that has this cute contouring situation going on like this really cute design. It has little holes in it and I feel like it's great for breathability as well as for the quality of the material. It is amazing. I love that because it's not incredibly heavy for a workout set. I want to be able to move around it and not feel like it is thick on my body, so that's something I love. It's buttery soft, again, and all their pieces have that quality of feeling super buttery soft.

For the next set, we have this one right here. I'll start with the back. This little sports bra has a little logo on the back and has that kind of shiny imprint on it. It has the padding, so this is so flattering on my chest. Again, I don't have a big chest, so whenever the activewear has nice padding, it's like a dream for me. Especially with my sportswear, because I'm not going to wear a bra when I'm working out. This one is so nice for that, you can feel the padding in there, It's not going to be annoying and move around. If you want to take it out, you can, and it has these seams also that are very well made. It's not built with metal, because how uncomfortable would that be? I'm obsessed with this top and going to wear it to my kickboxing classes.

Moving on to the pants, they also have the logo on the back. They have this seam going across the bottom and a very nice material. These are a little thicker, so if you're doing a high-intensity workout, definitely this one is more recommended.

For the next set, we have this beautiful top also with padding. I love how thick their padding is especially for a small chest girl like myself. And it's so cute and it also has the WISKII logo over here in the back and I love this neutral brown tone color. Now moving on to the bottom, it looks pretty normal as well the same, beautiful quality texture as always. When you go towards the bottom, you'll have this little calf detail with that same seams going across and it leaves you with this nice detail.

Lastly, we have this black outfit, this detail here at the bottom, this little cutout. It has a lot of cutouts, making it intriguing to the eye and I love that kind of design. It also has thumb holes. This fabric is different from the others comparing it because it's more of a slippery feeling versus a soft cottony feeling.

That's what I'm saying, all WISKII pieces are so interchangeable from going out to working out, to running errands, to lounging around the house.

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