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What’s Trending for Women’s Activewear in 2024
What’s Trending for Women’s Activewear in 2024

What’s Trending for Women’s Activewear in 2024


  1. Vibrant Prints Take Center Stage
  2. Oversized Silhouettes for Ultimate Comfort
  3. Color Blocking Makes a Bold Youthful Statement
  4. Texture and Dimension through Fabrics
  5. Athleisure Will Be Everywhere
  6. The Activewear Buzz Will Only Build From Here

Activewear has become one of the fastest-growing apparel markets over the past decade. As more women adopt fitness as a regular part of their lifestyle, the demand for stylish and comfortable workout clothing continues to increase. Industry reports predict the global activewear industry will reach $567 billion by 2025.

In 2024, all signs point to athleisure dominating both gyms and streets. Bold prints, head-turning colors, and silhouettes both oversized and curve-hugging will prevail. Comfort, confidence, and a carefree, playful aura will drive next year's women's activewear trends.

Vibrant Prints Take Center Stage

Eye-catching prints will dominate women's activewear in 2024. Bold animal prints like leopard and zebra will bring sassy vibes to the gym. Blurring with the growing streetwear scene, graffiti-inspired designs will cover leggings and sports bras for a chic, urban edge.


Tie-dye will maintain its popularity next year by adorning yoga pants, tanks, tees, and hoodies in swirled rainbow shades. Painterly prints in watercolor-style washes will also emerge, covering tights and shorts in artistic splatters.

Mixing multiple vibrant prints in the same outfit cranks the visual excitement even further. Combining floral leggings with a striped sports bra and dotted jacket, for example, makes a bold multi-print look that grabs attention.

Oversized Silhouettes for Ultimate Comfort

Continuing 2023's passion for oversized fashions, activewear cuts in 2024 will focus on extreme comfort via baggy, borrowed-from-the-boys silhouettes. The anti-skinny trend also allows a free range of motion during vigorous workouts.

Expect to see women swimming in drop-shoulder sweatshirts so roomy they bare one shoulder. Plus, bike shorts will get even baggier next year with longer inseams and a relaxed through the hips and thighs. For compression when needed, layer underneath with curve-hugging leggings or tights.


The oversized activewear look also works untethered from the gym. Champion the athleisure lifestyle by pairing these slouchy pieces with crop tops, tanks, or sports bras for weekends and brunch.

Color Blocking Makes a Bold Youthful Statement

Color blocking Activewear takes color play up a notch for 2024 with chunky blocks of pigment covering pieces from neckline to hemline.

Neon bright shades like highlighter orange, lime green, and hot pink make the color blocking look pop. Mixing with timeless classics black and white, these electric shades create a high-voltage style perfect for hitting the running path or a high-intensity training class.


Cropped tanks and half-zip pullovers work well with color blocking for their large canvas to paint with shades. Three stripes down the arm or color shifting at the ribs keep the look edgy. Youthful and daring, this look best suits the under-30 crowd.

Texture and Dimension through Fabrics

Dimensionality will drive interest next year through textural fabrics and physical detailing like ribs and ruching. Thermal performance fabrics that wick moisture and insulate heat will gain traction through their pleasantly-textured look. With their horizontal ridges and soft brushed interior, these workout clothes combine technical attributes and tactile appeal.

Woven textiles also gain ground, lending interest and depth versus smooth fabrics. Looms will weave organic textures like rounds and dimples for lightweight tanks and tees made for lower-intensity training. More abrasive cotton terry cloths come into play for their ability to absorb sweat during hardcore sessions.

For knits, Ponte stitching, honeycomb textures, and open eyelet details adorn color leggings and bike shorts. These offer visual punch along with flexibility. Paneling tech fabrics with soft meshes and textured knits also interplay contrasting textures over a single garment.


Athleisure Will Be Everywhere

Underpinning all 2024 apparel trends is the dominance of athleisure wear. Activewear-inspired casual clothing blurs the line between technical workout gear and everyday street fashion. The hunger for ultimate comfort coupled with sporty style continues driving this mega trend into the future.

Thus zip-front hoodies, drawstring joggers, unitards, and bike shorts infiltrate everyday wardrobes from school to happy hour. Cotton spandex blends mean soft fabrics that move with the body. Designed for lifestyle applications, flattering silhouettes like gathered yoga pants replace worn-in sweats.

Moving fitness from gyms into the outdoors, athleisure wear also adopts utilitarian details like zippered pockets to stow phones or keys. Thumb holes at the cuffs seal out the chill during brisk walks and runs. No longer relegated just to the gym, these multi-use pieces bridge activity with downtime for today's busy woman on the move.

The Activewear Buzz Will Only Build From Here

As the line between athleticwear and street fashion dissolved, 2024 trends indicate no slowdown in women's appetite for uplifted activewear. The hunger will only intensify for pieces balancing style and performance. Expect designers to feed this craving through pulse-quickening prints, dimensional textiles, and vivid color play. Athleticwear is officially in vogue.

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