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Styling Activewear with 5 Looks - WISKII Active Blog
Styling Activewear with 5 Looks - WISKII

Styling Activewear with 5 Looks

How to Create a Casual yet Chic Outfit with a Pair of Leggings or a Piece of Sports Bra?


It’s not always easy to look chic. Every effortless outfit-of-the-day requires efforts in piecing together the right pieces who understand and interact with each other. How many times did you find your new skirt being isolated from your wardrobe when it looks strange no matter how amazing those pieces you chose to match it up?

Clothes have their own temperance and personality which can be manifested in their colors, contours, textiles, and designs. The colour black delivers a sexy and mysterious visual message to the viewers; silk presents a luxurious and elegant taste of the wearers; Over-sized design creates a natural and unrestrained feeling to combat the tights family.

When it comes to activewear, styling became increasingly difficult owing to the limited types of styles. How can we match leggings, sports bras, and hoodies up with other items to achieve the fantastic spillover effects like what celebrities did? Go over the following five looks which absorb high-fashion elements or minimalism in their designs to get inspired!


Look 1 

Denim Bustier + Super Stretch Legging


A tribute to the birth and popularity of European bustier from the 1600s to the 1900s, this Vintage Grey Sports Bra invites metal elements and historical contours to play a chic symphony with one of the most retro fabric – denim. Together with the matching super stretch legging, this modern yet vintage outfit is your best summer companion. Shop at wiskiiactive.com to revel with our denim renaissance in this hot summer.



Look 2

Cropped hoodies + Crossover Sports Bras


With no doubt, hoodies lovers would celebrate the design and functionality of cropped hoodies in the hot summertime. Cropped hoodies offer you a just-right protection from cool air when grabbing a coffee or having a romantic brunch after workout routines in an environment with air conditioning. The complicated crossover straps design of the sports bra adds a luscious flavor to a simple look without losing the overall sense of harmony.



Look 3

Bike Shorts + Blazers

From ACNE Studios

Need an outfit to embrace the sunshine and warmer air while staying chic? 


Wear a clean-cut breathable blazer with a bike short! 

>WHY BLAZER? To protect yourself from being too cold indoor!  

This is certainly not the only answer. Blazers are all-rounded fashion candidates, although they seldom show off their abilities to accommodate every items. They would make full use of their senses of formality to balance the casualness of bike shorts, achieving a fashion equilibrium.





Zara Seamless Bike Shorts


Uniqlo U Blazer



Look 4

Python One-Strap Sports Bra + Legging


Drawing from python textures, this luxury textile suffuses the beauty our mother nature has given to us human. When the right amount of wildness collides with the luscious body curves, a sassy, sleek, and spirited activewear outfit is here for you. 



Look 5

Legging/stretchy pants + Breathable shirts


As wardrobe essentials, white shirts and leggings are popular all-year-round. How can the most basic items stand out from the crowds and adding sauce to your tedious lives? Pay attention to the contours, tailoring, and details of them and you’ll discover the secrets of every simple and effortless outfit!




Alexanderwang Logo Elastic Lace Legging


Jil Sander Cotton-Poplin Shirt


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