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5 Trending Tennis Skirt Outfits You Will Love | WISKII Active
model wears a tennis skirt holding a tennis racket

5 Trending Tennis Skirt Outfits You Will Love (Dec 2023)


  1. Blossom A-line Tennis Skirt
  2. Pleated Tennis Skirt
  3. 3.How to style skirts

There is no doubt that tennis skirts are so popular right now. Especially after Kendall Jenner posted a picture of herself in an Alo Yoga ad wearing an all-white tennis outfit, the searches for the tennis attire increased dramatically. No matter if you go on the street or scroll on social media, you can easily see someone is wearing a tennis skirt outfit and they look awesome indeed.

We get obsessed with tennis skirts so much, and so far we still find that they are cute, sporty and good-looking.

One applies for all. Whether you would like to match the skirt with a t-shirt, hoodie, jacket or sweater, it all looks great. Also, it's the same for accessories, you can easily wear the accessories according to your preference and it will not look weird. The tennis skirt is more versatile than you think. It can look chic, sporty, or sexy depending on how you style it.

In this article, we are going to cover some tennis skirts highly recommended by our beloved customers and how to style them in 5 ways.

Let's get into it.

Firstly, let's start with the tennis skirts we love.

Blossom A-line Tennis Skirt

Taking this Wiskii blossom a-line tennis skirt is definitely one of the best options ever. The letter A style shapes your silhouette and enhances the overall look of your legs, which makes your legs look more straight and slim. With the built-in, ultra-comfy shorts, you can sit cross-legged and move free without worrying anything. With multiple colors available, you can always find the one you like or maybe just get all the colors for your daily outfits.

Pleated Tennis Skirt

Who doesn't like pleated tennis skirts? Our featured comfy pleated tennis skirt was designed with a soft, baby skin feel and lightweight fabric, it's suitable for you to wear whether you are on the court or on the street. In addition, the built-in, ultra-soft shorts offers you worry-free movement. Plus, the sweet pleats perfectly deliver you a cute and elegant look.

pleated tennis skirt

So now you must wonder how to style these skirts, here are the best ways to style tennis skirts.

3.How to style skirts

1. With sweatshirt, hoodies and sweaters for a casual cool look

By just pairing the tennis skirt with a sweatshirt, you are ready to impress. It delivers a cozy casual outfit for your daily life. Be the cool and shiny girl in the crowd by grabbing this casual style.

lady wears a sweatshirt with a tennis skirt at outdoors

2. Pick the one shoulder sports bra

Wanna be sexy and hot, how about taking the one shoulder sports bra into your consideration? Chic and elegant. Check it out below.

one shoulder sports bra and blossom tennis skirt

3. Combine with a sweater vest

Simply matching the sweater vest with the tennis skirt will make you stand out and be the spotlight. This style is kind of cute and vintage, which creates the new vibe for your look.
tennis skirt with vest sweater

4. Crop top

Crop top is regarded as the perfect top to match with a tennis skirt for an elevated and charming look. You can simply replace different kinds of crop tops depending on the season. Long sleeve crop tops and short sleeve crop top sare all great for the outfit. Select what you like with us.
a lady wears a crop top with a tennis skirt

5. Polo shirt is another great way

Polo shirts are on the trend too. How about integrating these two trends together for an enhanced, sporty look when you are in a workout mood? You do not want to miss the look whether you are on the court or off the court. All in all, these 5 styles of tennis skirt outfits are only part of the styles. There is much more to it. Basically, you can easily combine any kinds of tops with tennis skirts and there are a lot of styles that you are able to create on your own. Start the outfit journey and share more looks with us. Moreover, share your ideas and we are ready to hear. Lots of love by WISKII team.

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