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Things You Need to Know About WISKII Leggings
3 models wear WISKII sports bras and leggings

Things You Need to Know About WISKII Leggings


  1. Unique design
  2. Super High-tech
  3. The best fit
  4. Leggings we are loving

Everyone who has followed us for quite some time must know that WISKII leggings have gained thousands of high-rated reviews. Thanks for all your support and we appreciate all your feedback and contribution to our brand.

We offer different kinds of leggings such as classic training mesh legging, seamless ribbed legging and denim beyond legging.

And now it's time for you to learn about what things are behind the leggings that you need to know.

These are all the features:

features of leggings

  1. Designed to sculpt and lift
  2. Ultra-soft fabric
  3. Squat-proof proven
  4. 4-way stretch
  5. Moisture-wicking
  6. High reinforced waistband for a supportive fit and full coverage

Unique design

Unlike others, designing is what our team is good at, we get the most passionate and enthusiastic designers. We design all the pieces from scratch. After countless hours and modifications, we came up with the leggings with comfort and fashion.

Model wears workout set near the beach

Super High-tech

Our leggings are magical. Designed with performance-tested fabric, it makes you look more slender and enables your bum to look like a juicy peach. The fabrics feature a squat-proof test, 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial functions, which enhance your workout experience to a great extent. No more worries about the bad odor while sweating during your workout sessions. You can keep cool and fresh all the time.

Plus, you don't need to worry about your performance and movement, which is guaranteed by the leggings.


The best fit

Fitting is always the most important thing when we are deciding which one we gonna bring home. Nothing can be compared with fitting, that's what we care about too. For this reason, we design every piece of leggings carefully for the best fit. We will test it over and over again before it goes public and goes to the market.

model wears a WISKII Leggings

Leggings we are loving

Training Mesh Leggings

This mesh tight has been the top 1 seller for a long time. So you must know how much people love it. Made with mesh on one side of the leggings, it's enough to make you look sexy and chic.

Seamless leggings

Seamless leggings are the new fashion. Grab the seamless ribbed high-waist legging for running, workouts, yoga, and more. Get a push-up bum effortless by putting it on. Pair it with the matching seamless open-back crop top.

model wears a seamless legging

Want to get to know more about our leggings. Go ahead to the leggings collection. For any further information or want to share your looks with us, tag us @WISKII on ins, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter.

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