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7 Yoga Sports Bras You Shouldn't Miss (Updated Jan 2024)


  1. Dynamic One Shoulder Sports Bra
  2. Multi-Cross Sports Bra
  3. Beyond Sports Bra
  4. Zipper Sports Bra
  5. Bergamotto Sports Bra
  6. Flex Strappy Sports Bra
  7. Suit Yourself Sports Bra
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Have you been looking for a women's yoga top for doing yoga for a long time? Confused about what to wear and how to choose the right one among lots of yoga clothes? Here we're gonna introduce 7 yoga sports bras that are perfect for you to put on while you are doing yoga. As we know, yoga is not a high-intense exercise, so all the sports bras we introduce are not high-supportive but low-medium supportive.

When choosing a sports bra for yoga, there are 3 key points to consider:

  • Support level - For low-impact activities like yoga, a light to medium support level is ideal to allow free movement while providing coverage and shaping.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric - Look for fabrics that wick away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable during your practice. Popular choices include nylon, polyester, and blends.
  • Comfortable fit - The bra should fit snugly without being overly restrictive. Check for wide straps, racerback styles, and stretchy fabrics for maximum comfort.

Sports bras are on the trend. Nowadays, wearing a sports bra has become a new sexy way.Not only can you simply wear it for yoga and workout, but also you can wear it for daily outfits. Get ready with us to see what's interesting below.

There are different kinds of sports bras with different designs. One-shoulder?Multi-cross back design? Python pattern? Zipper-front? Unique denim fabric? Colorful? Yes, they are all included.

Do you also wonder what to wear for the bottoms? Just grab your favorite pair of leggings, matching with your sports bra for a whole look.

Let's get started.

Dynamic One Shoulder Sports Bra

Wanna be more sexy and stylish? This dynamic one-shoulder sports bra is one of the best options ever. We offer multiple colors for you to pick the one you like. Grab your favorite color and match with the seamless legging and get ready for your yoga class. You can also match it with a tennis skirt, gym shorts for a cool style. Made with removable padding and ultra-soft fabric, you are in your comfort zone.

SUPPORT: Medium Impact

FABRIC: 76% Nylon, 24%Lacra/Spandex

one shoulder sports bra

Multi-Cross Sports Bra

The multi-cross sports bra was just released last month, which quickly gained a lot of interest and attention in the market. After doing much researches and try-on, our designer finally came up with this beautiful multi-cross design to make every WISKII girl stunning and fabulous.

SUPPORT: Medium Impact

FABRIC: Lycra Nylon, Spandex

multi-cross sports bra

Beyond Sports Bra

The beyond sports bra is made with denim fabric that is high-elastic and squat-proof. It was built to level up your upper body's silhouette, which offers a push-up effect, too. If you don't want to get confused about the sports bra, this is the best among the others. Plus, take the same denim leggings or denim dress to complete your look.

SUPPORT: Medium Impact

FABRIC: 80%Cotton, 20% Spandex

Vintage Outlook Denim Sports Bra - Bustier design

Zipper Sports Bra

Designed with our signature silky fabric and a special curvy square shape, this zipper-front sports bra combines comfort and support perfectly. Pair with the matching zipper front leggings, you are good to go for your yoga session.

SUPPORT: Medium Impact

FABRIC: 76% Nylon, 24% Spandex

zipper-front sports bra

Bergamotto Sports Bra

Start your yoga journey with this bergamotto sports bra that is mixed in two colors. As one of the popular sports bras in the new release collection, you will not go wrong.

SUPPORT: Medium Impact

FABRIC: Lycra Nylon, Spandex

Bergamotto Sports Bra is  Designed for training

Flex Strappy Sports Bra

Please take a peek at it, the flex strappy sports bra is calling you. This is our best-seller of sports bras. There is no doubt that we all love it. It's ultra-soft, ultra-comfy, and performance-tested, you can find your inner peace and appreciate the moment you live easily.

SUPPORT: Medium Impact

FABRIC: Body: 76% Nylon, 24% Spandex. Contrast: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex

flex strappy sports bra

Suit Yourself Sports Bra

Get this suit yourself with a sports bra in a python pattern. Sexy yet stylish. Who doesn't like the crossover straps in the front that make your chest so sexy? You can also get python leggings for an enhanced python look.

SUPPORT: Medium Impact

FABRIC: 76%Nylon, 24%Spandex

Spaghetti Strap Sports Bra | Trending and Soft

These 7 sports bras are only part of our sports bras suitable for doing yoga. We have listed a page for yoga clothes on our website, go and have a look and you will find so many adorable pieces waiting for you to take them home. Let us know if you have any insightful thoughts. Tag us to show off your favorite items.

Love from WISKII Team

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